Insert signature in PDF – How to do it

Sometimes you have your own signature insert it into a PDF file, for example, if you have written an application and then want to sign this with your personal signature. In the following article we'll show you how to insert your signature in a few steps in any PDF document.

Digital Signature on SignPad

To insert your signature into a PDF file, there are two possibilities: either you give the signature directly into the document or you write your signature on paper first, then scans them and the file then integrates the PDF document. We show you both ways. Read about digital signature also the article Application: Signature - you need them online?

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Insert signature in PDF &# 8211; Directly in the document

  1. Invite you first download the free software PDF-XChange Viewer downloads and installs the program.
  2. The software starts and opens the PDF file you want to provide her with the signature.
  3. In the menu bar at the top you click now on the Tools tab.
  4. now selects the submenu Notes and clicks pen and then on pallet show with note styles.
  5.  A menu appears where you can set the color and line width of the pen manually.
  6. When you're done, it adds the signature a mouse or touchpad to that location in the PDF document.
  7. Then you choose the File tab and click there Save &# 8211; the PDF file along with signature is stored.

Close-up of male hands with pen over document

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Insert signature in Pdf &# 8211; Scan and paste

Many people prefer still their signature on a real sheet of writing paper, especially since writing the mouse is a little awkward. If you one of them &# 8211; read on. We show you how that ties the signature of a sheet of paper in a PDF document.

  1.  Write your signature on a sheet and scans the sheet, then it saves the file as an image file.
  2. Invite you to PDFill PDF Editor download and install the software.
  3. Open the software and select the Convert PDF to Images option &# 8211; that you may convert the Documentn in which the signature is to be inserted into BMP, PNG or JPG format.
  4. If you will be prompted to enter the image resolution you choose a value of 200th
  5. Invite you now photo editing software GIMP download and install them.
  6. Opens the converted PDF file with GIMP and adds the image file with the scanned signature in GIMP a (Rider: File>Insert)
  7. Saves the file and selects the target format PDF &# 8211; the document with inserted signature is saved then.

Note: A scan with a signature inserted into a PDF document is also possible with Adobe Reader, this however you need the paid version Adobe Acrobat X Pro. The method described above may seem a bit awkward at first glance &# 8211; for it is completely free.

Image sources: digital signature on sign pad, close-up of male hands with pen over document via Shutterstock


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