OnePlus 5T: New Leak illustrates two important innovations

With the OnePlus 5T the currently sold-out OnePlus 5 is well received promptly a successor with quite major changes as now emerged render images to show. Two particular features catch the eye.

OnePlus 5T: New Leak illustrates two important innovations

OnePlus 5T with significantly larger display?

Updated on 23.10.2017, 17:10: There have appeared more images to show the product page of the OnePlus 5T:

OnePlus-5T-Images Leaked-1-11Looks like the OnePlus 5T? (Source:

There, the larger display can also be seen well with the more compact design. Despite the larger screen, the external dimensions are to remain unchanged compared with the OnePlus fifth That would definitely like us. The OnePlus 5, meanwhile, continue sold. It can not be long until the OnePlus 5T is presented - do not you think?

Original Article from 10.20.2017:

The OnePlus 5 has convinced us in the test technology for the most part, in the optics, the company has pulled out but certainly not a leg. The front looked almost like its predecessor and the back reminded strongly of a product from Apple. At least in the front will be according to a new leak but significantly change anything, because the display is set to grow in size:

OnePlus-5t render Leak-01Looks like the OnePlus 5T? (Picture:

The edges around the display would be significantly narrower than the OnePlus OnePlus 5. 5T would thus obtain a larger and somewhat more narrow display - as it is currently in vogue. The aspect ratio is at 18: lie ninth Just like the LG G6, LG V30 and other smartphones. Samsung is the Galaxy S8 (Plus) and Galaxy Note 8, however, on display with an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9, which are then a little longer. This has the advantage that almost the entire front is covered with the display and thus more content can be displayed. One can only hope that this does not increase the price. The Galaxy S8 is already cheaper than the OnePlus 5:

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OnePlus 5T: fingerprint scanner on the back

By the much larger display of the OnePlus 5T is now no room for the fingerprint scanner. This is to walk on the back and be placed there very easily accessible in the middle, according to these pictures. Recalls in the form of something Huawei smartphones. Otherwise, the appearance does not change very much. The relationship to the OnePlus 5 is unmistakable, as our review video shows:

38947OnePlus 5 in the test

would upgrade technically OnePlus the 5T also barely. The OnePlus 5 already has the fastest processor, lots of memory and 8 GB of RAM. For the larger display, but a slightly larger battery would certainly not a bad idea. So the term could be even better. One can only hope that this is not a fake. How would you the OnePlus 5T fallen into this design?

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