Dying Light – Weapons: beatings and shooters in the overview

In the event that you you just want so interested for Techland next zombie shooter and inform you in this sense about the weapons in Dying Light, we randomly the first information on the beating shootas and all sorts of weapons in the open world -Survival game.

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As long as there is no bloody screenshots of Dying Light Weapons, which would probably also indicated, we can at least offer you a rather detailed list of different weapons. Divided we have this in melee, ranged, firearms and explosives. When the time comes and the interest is big enough, we would like to deal more with the crafting system, which is supposed to be a prerequisite for a variety of weapons &# 8211; of course, also just for the formation of general education. Dying Light in Germany&# 8230; is not gonna work, and so on.

Dying Light: melee weapons

An ax in the house will save the carpenter.An ax in the house will save the carpenter.
  • Flashlight: More a tool than a weapon. The torch lit you dark places and attracts zombies.
  • Ax: Simple weapon, which is slower than knives and swords, but have more oomph behind the blows. Can vary from hatchet to the two-handed ax.
  • Sledgehammer: A general purpose tool. Slapping shock waves and 360-degree eddy possible. Powerful through powerful, but also quite cumbersome and slow.
  • Machete: Quick Kills are with the machete, thanks to the sharp blade easier than other weapons
  • Knife: The knife is one of the first weapons and tools in the world of Dying Light.
  • Sword: Ranging from short sword on the Katana to the oriented great sword.
  • Baseball bat (wood): To baseball games or heads-take.
  • Baseball bat (metal): As the wood bat, but with more damage and a metallic &# 8220; Pong&# 8221 ;.
  • Spear: &# 8220; The pointed end that way&# 8230;&# 8221;
  • Pipe wrench: A tool that quickly turned into a weapon. Not very effective, but at least one weapon.
  • Sense: found in every major suburban garden shed.
  • Crowbar: Even Gordon Freeman appreciated this pipe.
  • Punk Queen: Preorder (who does a thing like that) get the special crowbar &# 8220; Queen punk&# 8221 ;, holds the kinds of optimization possibilities for electrical, fire and other damage.
  • Pipe: A pipe.
  • Firemen Ax: Rare and particularly useful in emergencies. It's best to use the fire ax against larger groups, so as not to strain their durability at individual enemies.
  • Wood plank: A board.

Dying Light: ranged weapons

  • Crossbow: The crossbow is a weapon that v already with the ancient Greeks in the 5th century. was known Chr. (more on the history of crossbow you read on Wikipedia) and Dying Light is one of the best silent and precise ranged weapons. Can be upgraded in many cases.
  • Short arc: &# 8220; It does not depend on the length.&# 8221; Like the longbow, only shorter.
  • Longbow: May not in any Survival game missing since 2013! Greater range and damage than the short arc.
  • Nail gun: Driving nails into wood&# 8230; and the infected.
  • Grappling hook: Holt enemy to you, or you to buildings ran.
  • Flame Thrower: with the can immerse themselves in a barrage of fire all of their opponents groups a highly complex device.

Dying Light: firearms

dying light gunA gun in the house, but spared the insurance, ambulance, police, nosy neighbors&# 8230; 


  • guns: Various handed firearms that run without silencer the attention of those infected in coming.
  • Shotguns: The best way to blow an infected the lights is to keep him a shotgun to his head&# 8230;
  • Machine guns: Hard to find, but if so, you have the power &# 8211; at least until the ammunition is all.
  • Sniper rifles: Probably the rarest weapons in Dying Light, therefore also the most valuable. Precise, great range and deadly.

We are almost certain that a shooter also can not do without assault rifles, Launcher, and other guns, but we have also still no knowledge.

Dying Light: explosives

  • grenades: Taking out what you throw and adheres better hands above his head.

Here again: There sit extremely unlikely that mines and explosives will not be represented in the game itself. Keep watching for updates.

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