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Thermal grease will lead to a better heat transfer between components inside a computer. You have used this remedies and want to now remove the thermal grease? Well you should not have a house recipe, but use a low-priced specialty product to prevent debris and damage. In this article you learn what you need to know.

remove thermal paste - without residue or damage

remove thermal grease with special means

Using thermal compound that came with the processor or the processor cooler, you will rarely find a system improvement. Those who want to get rid of the paste applied, should not rely on nail polish remover or other home remedies themselves. For example, the acetone contained in nail polish removers can cause damage to the inner workings of your computer.

Who wants to remove thermal grease residue and without damaging the computer, you should use the proven and popular with users purification Arctic Silver ArctiClean. The available for under 10 euros set makes you a thorough removal of thermal compounds and pads on CPUs, chipsets, graphics chips, etc. The kit contains two 30 ml bottles:

  • ArctiClean 1 thermal material Remover
  • ArctiClean 2 Thermal Surface Purifier

With ArctiClean 1 it dissolves the applied thermal grease or thermal pad of the CPU and / or the heat sink. Carry a few drops, waits a few minutes and wipe the paste with a soft cloth, such as a kitchen towel.

ArctiClean two eventually removed still present residues. Moreover, this agent provides the surface for corrosion protection of aluminum and copper. Give back a few drops on the affected areas and wipe it clean with a paper towel.

For an application only a few drops are needed in each case of each bottle. Therefore, you have quite long some of the product, which also serves the general cleaning of the components in your computer.

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