What’s end-to-end encryption? Easily explained

What is an end-to-end encryption? Since a new WhatsApp update arises reinforced this question: In this guide we will explain what it means to use an end-to-end encryption and its advantages.

In an end-to-end encryption, the data is encrypted during transmission to third parties.In an end-to-end encryption, the data is encrypted during transmission to third parties.

What's end-to-end encryption? - Explanation and Definition

In an end-to-end encryption of data transferred across all participating transfer stations are encrypted. As an example: A message that you sent with WhatsApp is encrypted, transmitted by radio masts and decrypted only at the receiver. Now, if an intruder captures the news on the radio mast, he can not do anything with it only once, because it is present there only encrypted.

The counterpart of the end-to-end encryption is the point-to-point encryption or encryption line: There, the data or messages in transmission stations in plain text can be and be seen in the worst case by attackers.

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End-to-end encryption: What is it? - The advantages

The Messenger WhatsApp, which is one of Facebook has introduced us with the version 2.16.0 and 2.16.15, the end-to-end encryption:

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WhatsApp is now also available with end-to-end encryption.WhatsApp is now also available with end-to-end encryption.

A notice window describes the end-to-end encryption so short:

&# 8220; messages that you send into this chat, and phone calls are now protected with end-to-end encryption, which means that neither can WhatsApp, nor third parties can read or hear.&# 8221;

That's right, before so that's been possible. So who puts on policy value should ensure that used software and devices with an end-to-end encryption work. This is especially true for confidential messages, files and images. You should also take heed to yourselves against phishing, as the following video shows:

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