BoxCryptor Alternatives: Other encryption programs for Dropbox & amp; Co.

Most cloud services is still missing a crucial aspect - the local encryption. Those who want to access from the cloud also important or private files, so it must either encrypt themselves or move to a completely different cloud providers. For many users of Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive BoxCryptor was the solution. But there are alternatives to the cloud safe from Germany? In this guide, we want to introduce you to three aktellen BoxCryptor alternatives.

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The cloud allows us to manage our files at any time with us and being able to draw it quickly from any device. Contrary to the convenience of Dropbox & Co., certain files but actually not easy unencrypted lying around in the cloud. For many here BoxCryptor is the solution to continue using the usual cloud service but the data through automatic encryption to secure at the same time. But of course BoxCryptor is not perfect, who has Porbleme with the encryption program or who do not meet the features of the free offer, looking quite possible for alternative programs.

Probably the best-known rival to BoxCryptor were Cloudfogger and Safemonk. Both programs have their service but already hung on the unencrypted nail and will not be further developed.

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1. BoxCryptor alternative: Viivo

Viivo is currently probably the best known alternative to BoxCryptor, and that too for good reason. The beginner-friendly program already convinced during the installation of his professional manner. It is compatible with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and private cloud services, and is cross-platform used in addition to Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

Viivo automatically detects which cloud services are used on each machine and inserts a folder to, in the you can copy all the files that you want to have encrypted it. Here Viivo (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a key length of 256 bits uses encryption to the highly secure AES.

For personal use, it is available for free to iOS users only have access to decrypt the Pro version, which proposes to 4.99 US dollars per month to book. but also the Pro version also offers even more Feautres as multifactor authentication and enhanced support for business customers.

VIIVOdownloadQR codeVIIVODeveloper: PKWARE, Inc. *Price: Free ViivodownloadQR codeViivoDeveloper: PKWARE, INC.Price: Free

2. BoxCryptor alternative: Sookasa

Mi casa es Sookasa? As the name already explained cryptically, Sookasa is more a solution for companies and businesses. However, the service with $ 10 per month is quite usable for its own encryption needs.

Sookasa can thereby encrypt the files on Dropbox and Google Drive, but puts his focus was clearly on the exchange of encrypted files, which then spread via e-mail invitation also to users who do not use the Sookasa.

Sookasa automatically creates it from a separate folder in your Dropbox folder in which you can reinkopieren everything you want to have encrypted it automatically. As long as you are logged in to the service, you can all the files in the encrypted folder, see unhindered and edit. If you want, you can identify the directory with an additional Master Password, which prevents mess with your data to third parties locally.

Sookasa | Encryption for ClouddownloadQR codeSookasa | Encryption for CloudDeveloper: Sookasa Inc. *Price: Free Sookasa | dropbox EncryptiondownloadQR codeSookasa | dropbox EncryptionDeveloper: Sookasa Inc.Price: Free

3. BoxCryptor alternative: safe box

BoxCryptor alternatives Safebox

The third in the group appears to have been more oriented to Safemonk. Safebox making fashion while a virtual drive on your hard disk, which can be linked to the cloud service of your choice her. Here, safety box supports a variety of cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, SugarSync, Zumo Drive and more.

Safe deposit box also utilizes the highly secure AES-256 encryption and encrypted in addition to the file itself its name. However, a major drawback for mobile users is that are only supported Windows and Mac OS X. Since so far this year no updates have been released about it is also questionable whether the program will be further supported.

In the most cost-resolved trial version you can at most 5 files with the same safety deposit box can be encrypted. The full access there is a one-time license fee of 9.36 euros. This license can then but on different computers and laptops as well as on Windows aucha use on OS X.

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