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If you wanted to earlier sell old junk, you have set up his own table at the flea market or switched classified ads in the local newspaper. Who wants to address a larger audience, can now also sell in eBay Classifieds its ancient treasures.

We show you how you can set up the sale on the eBay Classifieds and what you should consider it.

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The sale also works on the Android app (video)

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Selling on eBay Classifieds: How it works

For trading on the classifieds a normal eBay account is not enough. You gotta therefore first create a new eBay Classifieds account.

  • The sale runs differently here than in the big brother.
  • There are no auctions So, rather the offered goods usually change for a specified and possibly renegotiated fixed price the owner.
  • The basic options fall for selling in eBay Classifieds at no charge.

Selling on eBay Classifieds: How does it work?

So selling works.

  1. Login you one with your new account in the classifieds portal.
  2. Here you will find the option "Ad now."
  3. As with eBay, you must also select a category, including sub-category, so that your article can be found more easily.
  4. The input mask are you of all important data and information which have to submit it for your goods.
  5. In addition, you can specify whether to sell their stuff or give away please. Puts her a price fixed, you can specify whether it is a fixed price or a negotiable price.
  6. A more appropriate title helps shoppers to find your item on offer.
  7. In the description you should as far as possible Enter everything there is to the article to say. In particular, defects and texture as well as information about sending or limitation, the article to sell only to self-collector, you should specify here.
  8. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words, so should you creating beautiful, high-quality photos Upload your product. For each ad multiple images can be uploaded.
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Who wants to push his offer and emphasize can book various add-on packages. However, this also arise depending on the choice of the package cost. Before setting your ad you can you display a "preview". Through the additional options for the ads is. B. In the search results better positioned or highlighted.

Free Selling on eBay Classifieds

So you can successfully sell in eBay Classifieds, you should consider some basics for your offer.

  • Selects a detailed title so the offer can be found quickly and easily.
  • When uploading images, you should put on your photos. For images from the network there is a risk of violating copyrights and thus to collect a warning. In addition, other images are making a better picture of the offered goods.
  • Feel free to provide your phone number to be able to react quickly to any queries.
  • After setting your advertisements for the sale of the eBay portal offers the ability to print sale signs. These may contain details, links and a QR code to your offer and to draw attention to your offline offer. Places the sale signs, for example in the "Have / Want" section in the supermarket around the corner.

Selling on eBay Classifieds: How does it work?

eBay Classifieds: Shipping and PayPal

Following the successful sale, the buyer can pay for the item. Often PayPal is drawn as a payment method into consideration. The advantage of PayPal is that the money ends up quickly on their own account and the delivery can be initiated so.

  • As with selling on eBay should be put on an insured delivery method to prevent trouble in a loss of the consignment.
  • At many points in the network, including in eBay Forum *, is warned as a payment method on the sale of own goods from PayPal.

Even with the classified fraudsters unfortunately can not be avoided.

  • So there were such. As cases in which buyers have reported obtaining an allegedly defective goods, although the article should be tested prior to shipping.
  • Otherwise than on eBay exists with the classified no seller protection program or escrow service by PayPal.
  • In the past there were always cases where supposedly a comma was moving when the transfer and therefore too much was paid. Assuming a return remittance procedure may well be an infringement of the money laundering law here.
  • Also the payment by checks and payment services such as Ukash, Western Union or PaySafe you should be skeptical.

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