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You have taken photos from a camera, which are now in the RAW format on your hard drive. To tell sparkled the incredibly large and uncompressed images something handy that raw files should be converted to jpg. We tell you how to do this easily.

raw convert to jpg: It only takes a moment

There are several ways, raw data formats, ie RAW files, convert them to jpg. We provide you here a few ways before, as you can accomplish this by using Photoshop and other tools.

raw to jpg convert about Photoshop CS3 / 4

Adobe provides with his tools in Adobe Creative Suite already have some in-house resources available to convert raw data into the format jpg.

Images convert Bridge

  1. opens Bridge
  2. Here marks all images that are to be converted
  3. Now click on Tools > Photoshop > image processing
  4. Determines the location and jpg as the format and still determines the size and quality of the compressed image

camera-raw-oeffnenImages convert Camera RAW

  1. Installs you the plug-in for Photoshop Camera RAW
  2. then click store images (bottom left)
  3. Selects the desired format (jpg) and starts the process

raw to jpg convert on irfanview

Did you not have access to the tools of the Creative Suite, invites you downloaded the free image viewer IrfanView. This standard includes the possibility though to read RAW files, but not to save. he does not need so, because you want the data so spend as jpg.


  1. click on File > Batch Conversion / Rename
  2. now defines as the output format jpg
  3. adds over Add all the images which will be converted
  4. start batch starts the conversion process

An equally free solution is RAW Therapee that for there alone is to convert raw files to jpg format:

download RAW Therapee