Captain America 3 – Civil War: 5 Things are not you noticed the new Spider-Man

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On April 28, 2016, the Civil War begins in our cinemas and we have known since last week that Spider-Man will be assured of the party. Even if we it in the final trailer &# 8220; Captain America 3 &# 8211; Civil War&# 8221; were only for a brief moment to face, so nevertheless open up opportunities to speculate! Off you go! 

Captain America 3 - Civil War: 5 Things are not you noticed the new Spider-Man

5 Things are not you noticed the new Spider-Man

That in the Civil War between #TeamCap vs. #TeamIronMan will not just go harmoniously, should be clear to all fans. High time to turn our attention to Spider-Man, who met in less than two months on the canvas the Avengers.

Spider-Man has the smallest spider logo of all time on chest

Let's start with a small but fine observation. The Spider-logo on the chest of the current costume is probably undoubtedly pass as the smallest of all time, right? Here is a photo of evidence:

Spider-Man emblem in Civil WarDiscreetly! © Marvel / DisneyStart Photogallery(7 pictures)Thanksgiving 2015: To celebrate Chris Pratt & Co. Thanksgiving on Instagram

Spider-Man can move his face

In the comic, the facial motor function of the spider-man was of course not a problem in the previous films there is. For his latest appearance the makers have come up behind the scenes somewhat. By means of a special mechanism can Spider-Man namely move his eyes and, after all, carry some rudimentary feelings on the canvas. whether actors Tom Holland may the eyes themselves control or has come with what alternative means the new Spidey to his new skill, we can only guess at once, however.

Spider-Man's new eye in the Civil WarFrom now on, the eyes can be narrowed! © Marvel / Disney

Spider-Man is more muscular than ever before in the film

This is partly thanks to the well-toned Tom Holland, on the other, the tight-fitting costume of the superhero. Tobey Maguire was like costume still an armor, the new suit of Spider-Man seems almost seamlessly to conform to the body of his cast.

Spider-Man in the Civil Warbeen in Muckie shack: The new Spider-Man © Marvel / Disney

Spider-Man is old-school

Although we get it in the cinema with the latest reincarnation of all time by Spider-Man to do, yet saw none of his ancestors screen the original comic books similar to our hero in 2016:

old comic Spider-ManBack to the roots&# 8230; © Marvel

Spider-Man belongs to Team Iron Man

Last but not least, the most important point, and precisely who has nothing to do with the outfit of Spider-Man. The question of which side he stands is completely answered at the end of the trailer, because Spider-Man stops the command of Iron Man. Or what did you think he has come to the sign of Captain America? Here's the trailer as evidence:

13007Captain America Civil War - Final Trailer

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