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There is a world beyond Flixbus! Although the known Fernbusunternehmen has now blossomed into a leader in budget travel, there are a number of recommended competing offers. We present the seven best Flixbus alternatives you here.

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26156Flixbus: Remote bus App

The year is 2017 and the whole distance bus services in Germany is in the hands of Flixbus. Really the whole distance bus services? No! The market has indeed increasingly focused in recent years on a few suppliers, numerous competitors have since left or merged with Flixbus. Nevertheless, there are still a handful of companies, which also offer convenient connections to other German cities or to other European countries.

We show you the seven best and cheapest Flixbus alternatives with which you come safely to their destination. If you know any other vendor, they like to write us in the comments!

Flixbus ticket on the bus Product ImageImage: Flixbus

The best Flixbus Alternatives 2017: Current Overview

If you are looking on the net for Flixbus alternatives, you'll notice pretty quickly that some websites list the names of providers that no longer exist or are fused with Flixbus. The market for long-distance bus travel is extremely hard-fought - numerous companies that were active before one or two years, no longer exists now. These include:

  • MeinFernbus
  • Postbus
  • BerlinLinienBus

All three vendors have now been bought by Flixbus. In our current overview can be found only companies in 2017 still exist and which you can book their travel or carpool. If we pay attention to new providers (also write us if you discover someone!) We will update the guide accordingly.

IC bus

IC busPicture: IC Bus

IC Bus is the remote bus service on the German network and offers 12 routes a cost effective connection between many European cities, including London, Milan, Prague, Amsterdam or Copenhagen. The prices are absolutely fair: For under 30 euros you come about from Dusseldorf to London. On all routes, there are free Wi-Fi as well as (almost everywhere) the free entertainment portal of the web.

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euro Lines

euro LinesImage: Euro Lines

With Euro Lines you can book cheap bus trips abroad both domestically. The range covers virtually all major European cities and countries, the prices are a bit more expensive than Flixbus but still very inexpensive. From Berlin to Paris you come, for example, for 45 euros. For early booking there are special promotions with discounts of up to 90 percent.

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DeinBusImage: has a slightly smaller route network and binds to only a few European countries, namely France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary. A connection does not exist between all cities, partly the route network also makes no sense. Why you can drive around from Berlin to the Netherlands, but not in the nearby Czech Republic, does not want us all in the head. As an inexpensive alternative to Flixbus nevertheless recommended.

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MegabusImage: Megabus

Megabus is particularly interesting when it verschlägt you across the pond. In continental Europe, Megabus has now been taken over by Flixbus - in the UK and America Megabus is an independent provider that offers the same advantages as Flixbus: Low prices, good connections and free Wi-Fi in all buses.

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locomoreImage: locomore

Locomore is not a bus company, but a long-distance train on the route Stuttgart - Berlin. If you want inexpensive travel to Germany, roughly between the cities of Frankfurt and Berlin, you should take a the seller but definitely watch. After a bankruptcy in August 2017 locomore was taken over - now also Flixbus is involved in the company. Nor the provider runs under the old name locomore - quite possible that he will be renamed in the future in Flixtrain.

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BlablacarImage: Blablacar

Blablacar is the largest European car pool and another good option if you want cheap from A to B. Your get in touch first on the website or in the app, and then can to carpool search the car. is booked and paid for online. To give you an idea of ​​the rider, you can you before: its profile and the ratings of other users.

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carpoolImage: is a joint project with the ADAC Mitfahrclub and the largest free offering of its kind in Germany. There is no charge for switching, insertion and search of rides. With over 1.5 million members and more than 2.5 million listings, it should be no problem to find a suitable ride.

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Are you competed so far with one of these Flixbus alternatives? What experiences have you done? Or you know even better supplier? Write us in the comments!