“Terence Hill dead” message on Facebook, Twitter, etc. – beware!

learn the sad news about his death recently had fans of the sympathetic Prüglers Bud Spencer. Spencer was 86 years old. Always not an integral part of his side was his acting partner Terence Hill. circulating for some time while the message through the network and in the social media, that Terence Hill was dead.

"Terence Hill dead" message on Facebook, Twitter, etc. - beware!Source: JoemanjiArts

Especially with Facebook, but also on Twitter status messages to be shared, which reported the alleged death of Terence Hill. Here, however, is in contrast to the news about the death of Bud Spencer to fakes - Terence Hill is not dead, but also enjoys the best of health in June 2016 yet  &# 8211; and which now has 77 years.

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"Terence Hill dead" message is a fake

Again and again fake messages are spread in social networks, in which incorrectly reported on the To a famous person. In addition to Terence Hill there are about similar messages about Michael Schumacher, Leonardo DiCaprio or Mike Tyson. Behind these hoaxes can it hide some risks:

"Terence Hill dead" message on Facebook, Twitter, etc. - beware!Such false reports are circulating again on Facebook.
  • One can find the teaser of such a message that announces the death of Terence Hill and Co., the interest in Internet users is awakened. By clicking one wants to call the complete message.
  • If you call to the message, however, appear in the rarest of cases, the desired message.
  • Rather, you will first be asked to share a Facebook page or to liken a contribution. In this way, the fake message will continue to spread in the snowball effect through the news feeds on Facebook.
  • In addition, the user is in some cases to install an app a sweepstakes or prompt is displayed. About the competition, personal data is tapped, the z. As for spam or junk mail can be used. The download of the app, however, can result in an expensive subscription trap.

  • A look at the alleged death notice there is not even then.
  • In some, more harmless cases, the message is declared very small at the bottom of the page inconspicuously as "satire". With the fake sensational news has so some additional attract visitors to your page only.
"Terence Hill dead" message on Facebook, Twitter, etc. - beware!In addition to Terence Hill and Arnold Schwarzenegger was declared on Facebook already dead.Start Photogallery(10 images)Dagi Bee: Real name and 10 other secret Facts

Terence Hill is not dead - Facebook messages are fake

As with all content on the web and on Facebook, you should not believe everything blindly what you see. Especially with sensationalism, it is advisable to consider other sources. It is true, reputable sites such. As news portals like T-Online visit. Dies a prominent person, there is usually there in a timely manner a corresponding contribution. In a Google search, however, one encounters frequently on dubious sources described as above, hide behind the justification of satire and spread fake death reports.

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