S Health: heartbeat and steps compete with the Galaxy S4, S5 and S6

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S4 some interesting innovations. Among other things, you can with S Health, the number of your steps, to be judged your heartbeat and many other things. For those who do not yet know how the health app works, an introduction to S Health for the Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and S6.

S Health: heartbeat and steps compete with the Galaxy S4, S5 and S6

While S Health still so had its inaccuracies on the S4 and just was not nice to look at the S3 has upped the ante on the Galaxy S5 again a shovel. Do you want to feed you healthier, move more and be fitter can help you S Health. but promise nothing we can do.

How it works S Health

Samsung jumps with their homemade app S Health course only on the trend, have shown us the different apps and even hardware like Fitbit Flex, Nike + FuelBand and Jawbone Up. Nevertheless, the Sport app with pedometer, heart rate monitor and nutritionist is worth a look.

Steps compete with S Health

To collect information about your steps, you throw only the app once and already counts with S Health in the background. Precise is not, of course, the data is simply measured via the 3-axis acceleration sensor. Who wants to be smart, and so deceive themselves, just can around a little shake that thing and increases its number of steps.

Burn calories with S Health

s health calorieThe number of calories burned, the S Health determined for you to be issued on the basis of previously entered data on sex, weight and size in correlation to your DONE steps. Since S Health, unfortunately, does not offer specific workouts that all efforts are in one place (gym, aerobics, etc.) so vain and will not be measured.

However, you can log in diet consumed specify and optionally containing his photograph food. S Health then stated the calories based on the attached database. Who wants to have it even easier, you can also take the integrated barcode scanner to help.

Feel good with S Health

What S Health is different from other fitness and sports apps so-called comfort level. Once activated, you will receive immediate information about humidity and temperature in your area. That these values ​​but only when not in use and can be measured outside of your hand, the whole thing a little questionable again. In addition, no data for a longer period still unable to be traced.

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Sticky Fingers: heart rate monitor and stress test of S Health

Pulse measuring with S Health

To measure the pulse of Samsung's sports app, it just goes as follows:

  1. Launches S Health
  2. Click on the Heart Monitor and confirms the instruction instructionsS_Health pulsmesser_1
  3. Placed your finger on the pulse sensor (under your camera) and waits until the measurement is completedS_Health pulsmesser_2
  4. Now tap on the Count at the bottom right to let you display the resultS_Health pulsmesser_3

The measurement is not exactly in our article How actually function heart rate monitor apps you learn and why.

Stress test with the Galaxy S5

The new feature allows you to identify inaccurate values ​​for your mental stress again. Here, too, you have to put on the heart rate monitor on the back and keep quiet for some time, only the finger. However, the measurements of the red LEDs are diverging even with multiple measurements in succession and therefore offer little insight into your actual stress level.

s health stress test

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