Prism app for Windows 10 in July for download

Photo apps are bang on trend and with Prism a new app has just been published, the photos turned into paintings. So far the app is only available for iOS, but in addition to the Android version it is actually also be a Universal app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Prism app for Windows 10 in July for download

Prism app for Windows 10 planned

As more and more developers to withdraw from the mobile Windows platform, Prism could be a very good example that trendy Apps will not only appear for iOS and Android. In fact, the photo app has been released only for iOS. Only later a version for Android is expected that by convincing really create many more users into extremely beautiful photos and of course to share.

On request of a user who ardently desires a universal Windows-Platform App Prisma, both on PCs with Windows 10 and smartphones with Windows runs 10 Mobile, it was confirmed that such a version to be published in July. Thus prism would not only be soon for Android is available, but actually also for Windows. First and foremost, the app on smartphones is to be used, but many PCs have front cameras and beautiful self-portraits are also possible.

Prism app Windows Mail

What makes Prism so popular?

The hype surrounding some photo apps can be explained very easily. In the end, you need a unique idea, a really great result and a simple operation, so an app like prism immediately triggers such hype. All these points have been met and therefore prism of Snapchat and MSQRD another app that is simply receptions.

One can only hope that the now expected versions of Prism for Android and Windows quickly appear 10, so you can also take interest in the app, in order to remain so popular and successful.

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