Snipster: Auctions and bargain-hunting with its own rules

While you have to set the highest bid at online auctions like eBay to bid on an item, services are running as Snipster or Madbid around the other way. The aim here is to place the lowest bid in order to obtain an article. In this case the bidder is awarded the contract, the lowest bid was submitted as a single.

Snipster: Auctions and bargain-hunting with its own rules

Sounds simple, but how the trade works exactly? And what is your experience with Snipster and similar services?

How it works Snipster

Raises you get a look at the Top of Snipster, one gets the impression of a true Bargain pit - a new Samsung Galaxy S7 for 19,96 € or iPhone SE for only 0.34 € will already have changed hands here. However, although this certainly attract low prices for all kinds of equipment, one should keep in mind a lot.

  • Each auction starts at a price of € 0 with a certain maturity.
  • Online you can then bid on the items you want. By submitting the auction price is extended by 15 seconds.
  • While bidding on eBay and Co. is free, must be paid for each bid at Snipster.
  • Each bid costs 0.50 €.
  • We can thereby be purchased in bid packages. This can eg. B. be paid online with PayPal.
  • To get an impression of the Snipster principle, one gets after logging three free bids free of charge *Snipster: Auctions and bargain-hunting with its own rules.

to Snipster*


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Snipster: Experiences

The experience with Snipster are the ghosts. Many tell of bargains that have been shot here, but warned already among other Verrbraucherzentrale NRW elsewhere against such "experience Auctions". In the traffic light system of "web of trust" with Snipster is marked "red".

At auctions this type bidders must pay in two places. On the one hand, an amount for each placed bid must be paid to pay for other needs of the winners and the final auction price. All others who have paid for their bid rankings go away empty-handed, the money for the bids is for losers away.


It is therefore in the Snipster offerings at no auctions in the true sense, but rather a kind of gambling, in which many pay, but only one bidder wins. Although the principle is seen through, is the stimulus to snag a bargain for many potential customers. Who gets involved in the thrill and wants to try his luck by placing a lowest possible bid can be successful one time or another in Snipster. However, one should always keep the cost of the commandments in mind in addition to the potential bargain price and do not forget that you can also without receiving something, you have to pay with the bidding.

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