Euro 2016: 3rd place match? Mode and rules at a glance

The European Championship 2016 is coming to an end. Germany has retired against France in the semifinals. On Sunday the finals increases with the match France &# 8211; Portugal. But how does it actually made with a 3rd place match at Euro 2016? That ye may gain an overview in footballing summer event, you will find below an overview of the most important rules changes and information on the mode of EM 2016. Among other things, you learn here how it looks with the yellow cards during the tournament or whether the goal-line in France is used. We also clarify the question of who progresses after the first round and qualified for the all-in-round. Through the six groups raises the main question: &# 8220; Who comes into knockout stages of Euro 2016&# 8243 ;?

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Germany failed to Frenchman unhappy with 0: 2, Portugal already sat down on Wednesday by the same score against Wales through. Anyone who thinks that it is like coming at the FIFA World Cup to play for 3rd place at the European Championships will be disappointed. The EM Schedule does not provide a match for third place between the two semi-final losers. It saw in the European Championship history still different. Until the tournament in 1980 was before the finals still a &# 8220; small final&# 8221; played between the semi-final losers.

At that time Germany was European champion ,. Czechoslovakia secured against Italy with a 9: 8 victory on penalties the bronze medal. An official statement from UEFA why the game will not be played for the third place, there is not. Already at the World Championships but it shows regularly that the losing in the semifinals teams no longer with full motivation to the &Consolation prize; # 8220&# 8221; play. Also for Euro 2020 is not planned, a &# 8220; small final&# 8221; introduce. In World Cups, the game was an ideal opportunity to buy players in the squad who have had no use some playing minutes in the big tournament. At the European Championships in 2016 remained in the German team Marc-André ter Stegen, Bernd Leno, Jonathan Tah and Julian Weigl without use.

All games for 3rd place at the European Championships at a glance:

finalsplace3rd place matchresult
EM 1960Marseille (France)Czechoslovakia - France2: 0
EM 1964Barcelona (Spain)Hungary - Denmark3: 1 N.V.
EM 1968Naples (Italy)England - Soviet Union2: 0
EM 1972Anderlecht (Belgium)Belgium - Hungary2: 1
EM 1976Zagreb (Yugoslavia)Netherlands - Yugoslavia3: 2 N.V.
EM 1980Naples (Italy)Czechoslovakia - Italy1: 1, 9: 8 iu
173998All information on Euro 2016


In addition to new rules also the mode for Euro 2016 had to be revised. For the first time take part 24 teams into six groups. This gives rise to special rules when the question after the last group game, who progresses.

  • In each group, with four nations six matches will be played.
  • As usual, there is a point for winning three points for a draw.
  • Gates and goals from the three group matches are added together.
  • For placing the number of points awarded counts.
  • In case of equal points are compared directly, so out of the game that the tied teams against each held.
  • Are three teams level on points, a virtual table with the three teams will be created and drawn a direct comparison.


  • Are there points to no decision, the gates are considered. However, this first count only the results that have been achieved in direct comparison. This case is particularly important for the EM-2016 control when three nations are tied.
  • Also stems from the gates no specific positioning, goal difference is the same as in the Bundesliga or in a World Cup used. First, the superior goal difference in case of equality applies, the gates more achieved. Here, all the games of the group are used in the calculation.
  • In rare cases, the decision about who progresses, still fail can. Here, the Fair Play ranking is then used. there is still a tie between two nations in a group, the UEFA coefficient is considered. This is made up of all the results of international matches in qualifying and European and World Championships. Playing two teams on the final day of group matches together and there is a tie, decided by a penalty shoot-out in place of the coefficients and the Fair Play rankings.
  • As a measure of last resort for a decision, a lot will be drawn over the next round.


Euro 2016 mode and rules

Unlike the 2014 World Cup or the Champions League, not only the two best teams in a group for the whacked-round, but also the four best third-placed of the six groups qualify tournament. The group Third meeting in the second round to a group first. The following criteria are used to decide on the three best third-placed:

  1. Points
  2. Goal Difference
  3. Number of goals scored
  4. UEFA Respect Fair Play ranking, this is comprised of yellow and red cards. For a yellow card there is a point, a red card fails with 3 points to book. The less points has a nation, the better the UEFA Respect Fair Play ranking.
  5. UEFA coefficient

Euro 2016: 3rd place match? Mode and rules at a glance

Euro 2016 mode and rules

With the group winners, and -second best third qualify for the 16-nation European Championship second round.

  • The winners of the groups A, B, C and D take on one of four group third party.
  • The winners of Groups E and F meet the runners-up from Group E and D.
  • The second of the groups A and B play against the second group of C and F.

The winner of the first all-in-round at the European Championships in 2016 will progress to the quarter-finals. While Germany, the 1996 European had yet to gain by a golden goal, this Torregelung was just like the Silver Goal abolished. In a draw within regular time an extension follows with 2 x 15 Time. If it remains here at the draw, followed by a penalty shootout to determine the winner.

Euro 2016: New rules for European Championship

Big rule changes there is rarely in football. These are set each year by the "International Football Association Board (IFAB)." Also in 2016, some new rules have been devised which are from June 1, and thus apply on time for the start of the European Championship.

  • The "triple punishment" is weakened. So far, a team was punished with a penalty, a red card and a subsequent ban for a professional foul in the penalty area. In preventing a clear scoring chance in the penalty area a red card was previously regardless of the severity of the foul distributed. With the new rules, the referee can only give a yellow card together with the subsequent penalty, if the attack was actually the ball.
  • It was also decided that the offense does not have to be carried out to the front, but must be played in their own half.
  • With a penalty, the shooter may not to clock at the start and thus irritate the goalkeeper. A delay is still allowed.
  • An opposing team gets a indirect free if for any penalty other than the apparent player shoots the penalty and if a penalty is running backwards.
  • If, during a penalty shoot-out to the rare case that a player of the square is referenced or injured, the opposing team has to plan less a shooter.
  • Red cards could be distributed during a half-time or after the final whistle, referees can punish a wrongdoing before kick-off already with a red card. The team can still go into the game with eleven players.
  • The center line is half owned by the attacking team, in an offside position is not possible therefore.
  • The Hawk-Eye goal-line technology is also used for Euro 2016 are used.


Who needs a complete overview of all the rules of Euro 2016 directly by UEFA, the "Regulations of the UEFA European Football Championship" PDF can download free.


Smokes you now the head, you can come down with the EM-songs.

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