Dark Matter Season 3: New season starts in June 2017

The fate of the crew of the Raza is uncertain, but as it continues with 13 new episodes in "Dark Matter" Season 3, series fans should be reassured once. The Canadian Space Opera by Jospeh Mallozzi and Paul Mullie (Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis) will reveal the "dark" back stories of suffering from amnesia occupation from June 2017 on slowly.

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Season 2 of "Dark Matter" ended again on a huge cliffhanger: The crew of the Raza wants to keep the space station EOS 7 from destruction, but four aka Ryo Tetsuda has become Emperor of Zairon already other plans. The fate of the remaining crew is thus since the season finale again in limbo.

In the US and Canada the third season of "Dark Matter" will start on 09th June 2017 on Syfy US. an official Start date for Germany, there is not yet, However, the consequences of previous seasons ran just days after the US launch on the pay-TV channel Syfy Germany.

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Episode list

FlgtitleTV Premiere (USA)TV premiere (D)
1 (27)Being Better Is So Much Harder09th June 2017TBA
2 (28)It doesn&# 8217; t Have To Be Like This09th June 2017TBA
3 (29)Welcome To The RevolutionJune 16, 2017TBA
4 (30)All The Time In The WorldJune 23, 2017TBA
5 (31)Give It Up, PrincessJune 30, 2017TBA
6 (32)One Last Card To Play07th July 2017TBA
7 (33)Wish I Could Belive YouJuly 14, 2017TBA
8 (34)Hot ChocolateJuly 28, 2017TBA
9 (35)Isn&# 8217; t A That Paradox04th August 2017TBA

Dark Matter - Action

The "Raza" is a spaceship, which has its best days already behind him, and apparently unmanned drives through space. However, six people are still on board - but when the supposed crew of Raza awakened, no one knows how they landed on the ship and who they are at all itself. The only evidence of their identity and their goal they learn through the ship, which supports arms and is a remote colony road, which is about a war.

Even the Schiffsandroid has no further information and seems to get a little out of line beyond. The crew decides to summarily giving the names of one to six, and that out together, how they got into this situation - of course trust is an elusive erlangendes Good.

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