Fallout 4: Preston Garvey Guide – Increase locality, strengths and relationship

Preston Garvey, the leader of the Minutemen of the Commonwealth, one of the first companions in Fallout 4 that can accompany you on your arduous journey through the wasteland. For him, the protection of settlers in the foreground. How do you like it and can increase the relationship with him, we will tell you in the Companion Guide.

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With a powerful Laser musket equipped, the Minutemen Preston Garvey a valuable ally is fighting the dangers of the Wasteland. As you can recruit him what he likes and dislikes and how you can start a romance with him, we tell you in Companion Guide. We also give you guides to the other companions in the game.

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Fallout 4: Preston Garvey Guide &# 8211; so you find him

You can not miss Preston Garvey, as you automatically met him during the main quest almost at the beginning of the game. After leaving Vault 111 leads you your way into the town Concorde to the Museum of Freedom, which of raiders is under siege. Help the encircled Minutemen and kill the Raider. In the museum you can then top make acquaintance with Preston. In the same room a holotape game and a Vault-Tec Bobblehead incidentally is located.

recruit Preston Garvey

Now you ask Preston for help in cleaning up the city. To do this you gets into a Power Armor and must eliminate all Raider in Concorde. In addition, you'll get there even with a Todeskralle to do. After you thank Preston for your help and please talk you into Sanctuary with him. Once there, he asks you to join the Minutemen. Do this and you can henceforth recruit Preston Garvey as a companion.

After completing the quest & quot; If freedom calls & quot ;, represents you as a companion Preston available.After completing the quest &# 8220; If freedom calls&# 8221 ;, you stands Preston as companions available.

Preston Garvey&# 8217; s strengths and weaknesses

In close combat rather useless, Preston Garvey presents his skills in Ranged under Evidence. To this end, he has a laser musket neat punch at the start. In addition, he gives you always new exploration quests, where her new settlements opens. Help her to set up his supply routes, you are his sympathies certainly.

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Preston Garvey&# 8217; s increase relationship: likes and dislikes

Preston is a moral flagship citizens with a strong helper complex. Offer your help so often different NPC&, S in order to make him happy; #. 8217 Also, he likes it very much if you manage a conflict diplomatically and without use of weapons to solve.

Wild ballernde around egoist, which are aligned just waiting like to enrich themselves Preston, however, not at all.

Using laser musket you are in combat Preston coverage.Using laser musket you are in combat Preston coverage.

An overview of the positive and negative effects of specific individual actions you see below.

actionImpact on the relationship
Chem dependencyfallout-4-negative
donate an itemfallout-4-positive
modding a weaponfallout-4-positive
kill a non-hostile NPCfallout-4-negative
crack foreign Castlefallout-4-negative

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Romance with Preston Garvey

With the charismatic leader of the Minutemen also leaves a romance begin. To do this you performs the actions listed above positive and slowly gaining confidence in personal conversations. In this way you can successfully woo Preston Garvey.

Do you have the maximum level reached relationship with Preston Garvey, you will receive as a reward following Skill:

  • United We Stand:¬†causing your + 20% damage and gain +20 damage resistance when it is three or more adversaries.

Sets ye at maximum relationship sleep your companion while Preston Garvey, he makes you company and you'll get after you wake up the following skill:

  • Pillow Talk: You gain + 15% experience points for a limited time.

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