Rainbow Six Wins: single player campaign now but not

The fact is that players spend most of their time in the multiplayer mode these days, especially when the latter is a shooter. But this justifies the developers simply to remove the single-player campaign from a game? In Rainbow Six Wins Fans must now definitely without.

Rainbow Six Wins: single player campaign now but not

Just yesterday we reported that Activision the single player campaign in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops has canceled the third The same step is daring Ubisoft with the upcoming anti-terrorist shooter Rainbow Six wins and now limits its game content on the multiplayer mode.

Ubisoft has always pushed the multiplayer of the game into focus a little verwundertlich this decision is yet. In June Oliver Couture Ubisoft said that is still the fact that it would offer a single player, since this is an important part of the game experience. Over its periphery, however, the developer ventured no statement to make and has already hinted at the time indicated that this could be less cinematically.

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As part of the EGX 2015 Ubisoft said Klatext and revealed that there will be no single-player campaign. Only the training mode, which acts as preparation for the multiplayer matches is, still left. In training, players schlaten the same contents as the PvP free - ie stars, reknown points and equipment.

"There is no story mode itself. You go to the training where you get to know the different operators and their equipment. One will be able to take on all maps in Co against the computer controlled AI. The matches can be adjusted at will, that is what we will offer as a single player, "says art director Scott Mitchell.

Until 01 October nor the closed beta phase of Rainbow Six Wins running. Those who want to get a taste fast in the multiplayer mode of the tactical shooter, the game should quickly preorder at participating retail partners or on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Store or Steam.

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expected to appear will be the title on 01 December 2015 PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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