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What was an April Fool in 2016, was 256 Patch reality. In ARK: Survival Evolved you can find and even tame a unicorn. This is a special form of Equus, an ancient relative of the horse.

The Survivalhit is known for its regular updates. So content is gradually added a lot &# 8211; especially new dinosaurs and creatures. Do you want to move you quickly about the maps, we recommend you the latest increase in the ARK family: the Equus. But this Urverwandte the horse reappears as legendary shape in white and with horn From the map. Yes, you heard right! You can in ARK: Survival Evolved find a unicorn and even tame. We show you how this works.126602Ark Survival Evolved - Tips for quick levels

Preparation for the Equus and the legendary Unicorn form

To tame a Equus (and a unicorn), you must prepare yourselves well. Unlike other creatures taming runs namely from different. But before you make yourselves to look for horses or the coveted Einhorn, you must unlock and then also make some engrams. That you need to tame a Equus&8217 ;:

  • Kibble from Troodon eggs: Kibble has a higher than normal Zähmeffekt berries. Alternatively, you can feed but also with berries horses.
  • Equus Saddle: This engram switched her free at level 25th It takes 22 Engrammpunkte and must be made in a forge.
  • Rockarrot (carrots): In the mountains you will find this particular vegetables. You need it also to make the Troodon eggs-Kibble.

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No, it's no April Fool's joke. You can really find a unicorn and tame.No, it's no April Fool's joke. You can really find a unicorn and tame.

The saddle makes her out 25x metal bars 120x wood, 160x and 240x fibers animal skin (hide) ago. The metal bars gets her bare metal. For 25 bars you need 50 times metal. You can win a Equus also riding bareback. we strongly recommend you to use as you can to craft the item on a horse chemicals or lassos. So while you are riding on the Equus in ARK, you can watch as narcotics build. So the seat works like a kind Mortar and pestle.

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That you should make better use of kibble to tame, the following list is intended to illustrate. Here we have Zähmzeiten faced by Equus with Kibble, berries and carrots:

  • Level 5 with kibble tame: about 2 minutes
  • Level 5 with carrots tame: 5 minutes
  • Level 5 with Berry tame: about 3 hours
  • Level 50 with kibble tame: 5 minutes
  • Level 50 with carrots tame: for about 13 min
  • Level 50 with Berry tame: about 9 hours

Kibble is so effective that their example at a level 50 Equus about 24 Level can win after Taming &# 8211; For comparison: In berries it would be a level. After Troodon-Kibble and Rockcarrots are also crops effectively. In a Equus at level 50 you would about an hour and 50 minutes of need.

So it tames you a unicorn or Equus

This is the passive Zähmmethode. First you have to have at hand the kibble or carrots. Runs very slowly to the horse in order not to scare it away and give him the food. Then you press the key required to get on the horse. On the PC, it is for example E. rides on it and wait until it kowtowing or in the lower left corner appears a message that tells you that you shall give feed the creature. In both cases, you feed it naturally. You are not fast enough will, pushed her off the horse and the effectiveness of taming reduced.

Keep the lower left corner in the eye.Keep the lower left corner in the eye.

On the tamed horse you can later use a lasso and other Equus&8217; catch. but once you gets off the horse, even the lasso disappears. So use this method if you play with a friend. He can tame the other wild horse.

The special feature of the horse is that the second attack (kick back) the Torpor value of other creatures increases. So you can make unconscious her your opponents.

For Einhorn and ride legendary creatures

Will you now but tame unicorn, does the same as for normal Equus creatures. The latter also has higher values, but they hardly differ. The legendary animal can appear only once from time to time on the map. Some players found the unicorn more on the standard card The Iceland. we could make the following localities:

  • The Iceland: Searches in the south of the card after a Spawn of Equus. Here are the southern islands. Look especially the places close to the water on.
  • The Center: The unicorn was often spotted on the eastern tropical island. In The Center and the underground world of the map you can also get lucky and find the most Equus.
  • Scorched Earth: Here you should chasing the three oases on the map. You are again in the far south (east of the Dragon ditch), in the far north (in the mountains) and in the east of the map (between the Badlands area).
It. Is. So beautiful!It. Is. So beautiful!

In overall terms that unicorns (and Equus in general) always spotted near the water were. The horses in ARK are usually traveling in the herd, while the special Unicorns can walk alone around.

Do you want instead, the unicorn &# 8220; ercheaten&# 8221 ;, you should the ID of the mythical creature know. This is:

  • admin cheat SpawnDino Blueprint&/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Equus/Equus_Character_BP_Unicorn.Equus_Character_BP_Unicorn 8217&8217; a b c d OR
  • admin cheat summon Equus_Character_BP_Unicorn_C

The letters a, b, c and d you have to naturally fill with numbers. The letter a represents the distance between you and the appearing animal, b stands for the Y axis and c is the Z axis, where it is to appear, while d marks the Dino level. We recommend you the combination &# 8220; 0 0 0 200&# 8243 ;.

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