PS4 Account sharing: share games with friends

Thanks Accountsharing can share their PS4 games with friends, or family members. With a shared account you can also access a second console to your games from the PSN Store.

PS4 Account sharing: share games with friends

So that the account can be set up sharing, you must first disable your PS4 as the primary console. Note that the Accountsharing course only works for downloaded games and not for disc versions.

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PS4 Accountsharing: primary device and password

So you can deselect a PS4 as the primary device for a console:

  1. Starts the console and sign up on the main account.
  2. In the settings you will find the "PSN" section.
  3. Sets here under the setting "Enable as your primary PS4" to "Disable".

For safety, you should the account with a password secure. So, it prevents other can start a shopping tour in the PSN on your name.

  1. Login you this again with the PS account.
  2. Selected via the "Settings" the "PSN" section.
  3. Here you will find the selection "credit" - "Shopping Settings".
  4. There, you activate the option "password Checkout needed" and deactivates select "Airtime automatically".


Now your PSN account is protected by a password. now buys as usual games in a PS Store. All new acquisitions, but also all already purchased in the past games can now be shared via the PS4 with friends.

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share games with other consoles: PS4 Accountsharing

Your friend must now do the following:

  • What is needed is your login ID (email address) and password for the Share account.
  • Switches the second PS4 and selects from the sign of a "new user" -
  • Carry the data from the sharing account.
  • This should be set as "Primary".
  • now controls the PlayStation Store.
  • Here you now have access to all been acquired with the account games, can download the free her.

PS4 Account sharing: share games with friends

If the game is highlighted after downloading with a lock icon, you log into the account sharing and opens the settings. About "PSN" it announces you first off, then on again. Now choose "Restore Licenses" from. The lock icon should disappear now be able to access the download games. An account can be geshared only once at the same time. When trying a third friend, log on to the share account, the first friend is automatically logged out.

Of course, should you your PSN data only pass on to friends and family and share rather than carelessly online other. With knowledge about your login details foreigners can buy more content from the PS Store on your statement about without consent. In addition, you should note that the account sharing is meant by Sony only for family use in a household. Thanks PS4 SharePlay you can share games with your friends. This can even access DVD versions of your PlayStation 4 games.

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