ARK – Survival of the Fittest: Tips for Survival Arena

Actually, as a mod for the Dino Adventure ARK: Survival Evolved known, the development studio has now ARK: Survival of the Fittest (SOTF) published as a free standalone game. ARK SOTF is intended as a spin-off, in which 72 contestants are on a map opposite. Only one can survive. And that you may be that we have to do to survive in ARK here: Survival of the Fittest collected. 

ARK: Survival of the Fittest is a M.O.S.A., which is a multiplayer online Survival Arena. Always pay attention to the time, because the arena will start to shrink. The so-called &# 8220;Ring of Death&# 8221; therefore reduces the playing surface of the competitors, so they are forced to move closer to each other. In this ultrafast Survival game you need a lot of useful tips her in this ARK: Survival of the Fittest guide place.

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ARK &# 8211; Survival of the Fittest: Tips and Tricks in Survival Guide

In ARK: Survival of the Fittest can you fight with your tribe survive. The tribe must maximum of six people include. Is looking for a suitable Tribe or still want to start their one? We have elsewhere a guide for you. Have you established a Tribe with friends, you've got to still be united, want to use their which servers. There are basically two ways:

  • Official ARK-Server: If you opt for an official server, you can in ranking climb. You will automatically be included on in the leaderboards. The best survivors of ARK SOTF receive monthly Prices and exclusive packages.
  • unofficial server: This is your private server. Will you play with your friends and acquaintances and exclude strangers, a private server worthwhile. Here your rules. but you will not be considered for ranking.
tamen a huge dragon? In ARK: Survival of the Fittest is not a problemtamen a huge dragon? In ARK: Survival of the Fittest is not a problem

ARK: Survival of the fittestdownloadQR codeARK: Survival of the fittestDeveloper: Studio wildcard Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement LLCPrice: 0 Besides the choice of the server in ARK: Survival of the Fittest you have to you also decide how long the struggle for survival is to go and how large should be the ticket. Before you start, you still have a few brief seconds to entertain you with your Tribe and to plan tactics. Then it starts. Your spawn near a Platform, on you see some packages. but who also want other athletes, which is why you have to be fast. Craftet you weapons or tames you Dinos &# 8211; makes every effort to be at the end of the only survivor, and thus the winner.

With these tips and tricks you win the Survival arena

Do you want to ARK: SOTF as winner emerge, make sure to read these helpful hints by:

  • Pay attention at the beginning of the middle platform. The road is clear and there are no enemies in sight, you should immediately sprint to the middle and you grab a few packets. Check them carefully and then press E to pick them up. These packets may be resources, but also useful weapons.
  • However, the idea of ​​many, which is why it may be worth even to run directly in the opposite direction. building a tree off and craftet you a pickaxe (Stone Pick). This costs you twice wood. So you build the remaining materials faster.
  • In ARK: SOTF everything is a little elevated, so the speed as you XP gain. You level relatively quickly, so you can also increase your stats quickly. Think about, want to increase their well what properties. You should definitely your increase health.

Do you need more tips for ARK: Survival Evolved? Right this way!

  • Invest in your melee damage and in your Endurance. You have to quickly run away from enemies, when they are in the majority. Beer bushes and water, there are many, which is why you should not increase these values.
  • Think about it, your speed to increase, we must disappoint you unfortunately. In ARK: SOTF improving per skill point has been reduced, so that it brings very little.
  • Did you Dinos tamed, you should first the melee damage increase and you then to his health do.
  • And where we are taming degree: Dino Taming should be a top priority. Spinosaurier and tyrannosaur are two good Dinos that secure you your survival. you do not do that, bring a large group with you Triceratops Dinos continue.
  • Do you want to move you quickly over the map helps you a Raptor. his saddle can you having already Level 15 crafting.
In order for ARK: to win SOTF, you need a lot of practiceIn order for ARK: to win SOTF, you need a lot of practice
  • Relies on carnivore and no herbivores. The former cause more damage. In addition, you sit on them so high that there are opponents hard in the beginning to meet you. Were your Dinos however injured, you can heal quickly it with meat. Herbivores heal more slowly.
  • Will you tamen a carnivore, you worried Prime Meat. The Taming takes so much less. In Survival of the Fittest killed Dinos drop more items, so a Stegosaurus Prime Meat often drops.
  • always be alert! does not spend too much time in the inventory. During this time, an enemy could come and you were easy prey.
  • keep your Death Wall in the eye. She wanders closer towards central platform. If you too long outside of it, you will be killed instantly.
  • There are no destination in ARK: SOTF. So exercises deal with the bow and other weapons.
  • Decides as to whether her Resource-Drops do not run or. Falls next to you a package to the floor, then run back. But if it is farther away, could be a ambush lie in wait for you &# 8211; unless you yourselves organized an ambush.

Looking to her more tips for ARK: SOTF? The YouTuber Chrizz Play has uploaded a great video with numerous and useful tips: You seek for a way to like her at ARK: Survival Evolved can level up quickly? Or do you can tame the giant ape Gigantopithecus? We have more guides with tips on ARK.

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