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Edition of Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista.

With the Internet Explorer 9 for Vista Download Microsoft could bring some innovations and improvements in its Web browser series. The main feature is the implemented hardware acceleration in the graphics card of the system assumes the calculation of graphically elaborate webpage content such as videos. This hardware acceleration leads to significant reductions in loading times of websites.

Further improvements in Internet Explorer 9 for Vista Downloads

Further improvements in Internet Explorer 9 for Vista Downloads are the, albeit incomplete, support for new web standards HTML5 and CSS3 and SVG; the speed could be accelerated in the execution of JavaScript. Regarding the HTML5 support can be used with Internet Explorer 9 and HTML5 video tag, which means that videos can be played in the browser window without the use of plug-ins. However, for additional codecs are needed for all other formats except H.264.

Changes to the interface and download manager

Also on the surface of the Microsoft browser has teamed up with the Internet Explorer 9 for Vista Downloads lot: A search bar is no longer present, instead, you can access different search provider via the URL line. The tab bar of the browser is now the right of the URL bar, even the command, status and Favorites bars are hidden by default, but you can always leave them visible again.

Also new in Internet Explorer 9 for Vista is a download manager. These all downloads made with the browser can be monitored. Besides, you already started downloads can cancel again.


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