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The 20 hottest nude patches: Caution - SEXY! (NSFW)

Lina Walkenbachon 06/23/2016 at 09:15

In our Photogallery We show you the 20 hottest nude patches of video games. Included are Lara Croft and the sexy nude female Shepard from Mass Effect 3. The hottest girls of the best games have their cases fall. All you need for this is a nude patch.

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Attention! Here are erotic content.

For those who have always wondered what they look like Harley Quinn from Batman Arkham City or Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite with their outfits, we have compiled a Bilderstrecke. Without giving many details, ever an info in advance: It is hot and sexy!

Nude patches However, not only hot, but also hotly debated, because not every developer may see his characters like naked. The creativity and job, which flows into the outfits of the characters represented, goes with nude patches may be lost in the eyes of developers. So has Design Director Bill Gardner of Bioshock Infinite said that he had a lot of thought in the garb of Elizabeth. So the lady was indeed the time when Bioshock Infinite plays look and you still look attractive. One such challenge lies certainly in other games.

Nevertheless, after nude patches the demand is there, and it raises the question of what makes these mods so desirable - and has been for many years. consider Lara Croft, already many times using nude patches was shown naked. Here nudity gets even without Nude patches catchment in numerous games. Especially with role-playing games such as The Witcher get gamers and gamers inside a lot to see nudity. With the Sorcerer Geralt pulling her through a magical adventure, get to know who seduced her and then you can see naked many young ladies. It develop romances that lead to a meeting and the nude scenes are only scenes that do not last for the entire game. In Nude patches again, you can join by the end of the naked characters from the beginning.

In our Photogallery we have some examples of Nude patches collected. Click through the images by to see what is possible by mods and leave us your impressions in the comments.

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