Sky pay monthly by prepaid: Is there still?

Who wants to see the program of Sky on the home screen, a subscription is required for pay-TV providers. Here you pay similar to a mobile phone contract a fixed monthly amount, which depends on the booked packages. But what is it when you want to watch Sky by prepaid?

Sky pay monthly by prepaid: Is there still?

Conceivable would be an option, in which you do not pay monthly for the subscription, but pre-paid a fixed amount by which the fees for Sky will be charged by prepaid method.

Sky Prepaid: Is there still?

Such a possibility there for. As currently in Italy. On eBay finds its diverse provider that offers you Sky prepaid for the Italian version * of the pay-TV channel, including the live matches of the Serie A, Premier League and Bundesliga and other top soccer matches. A subscription goes without completed, you get a rule as long as access to the pay-TV service, as long as the contract expires. A receiver you do not get normally in such sky-prepaid offers.

sky-prepaid ebaySky Prepaid on eBay

Even in Germany there were some phases in which sky, then still Premiere could be viewed via prepaid. Here, a corresponding amount has been paid in advance, according to which the length of the pay-TV access straightened. A subscription obligation binding contract or monthly fee did not arise in this way.

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Sky: Prepaid instead subscription?

Should you on eBay such prepaid offers for Sky found, you should strike immediately. While it can be to find a discount bargain here quite, but the prepaid version is not currently in the official offer from Sky. In the past, cases have been reported repeatedly by which such prepaid additions were closed again after a few weeks and were behind the alleged Sky bargain scam. Even with the temptation to see a foreign Sky service in Germany via prepaid or in other ways, you should resist, after all, the pay-TV providers restrict the reception in their own Conditions generally to an area one.


Conclusion: Sky Prepaid would be quite an interesting method to still let hineinschnuppern skeptical potential customers in the pay-TV service, after all, there are no probaten way to test Sky without completing the same 24-month subscription. Currently, however, the pay-TV giant offers no way to view Sky via prepaid. A means to save the pay-TV subscription, takes her for. B. about canvassed friends for Sky.

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