Bracket: Word, Excel, browser (Windows beginners tips)

enter a square bracket in Word, Excel, browser or any other program in Windows, is not difficult. In this Windows beginners do we tell you the different ways to set an open or closed bracket.

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In a scientific paper or in various formulas brackets are essential. Windows with the German QWERTZ keyboard layout, the square brackets are standard-special characters, but this can only be achieved through the third assignment of the keyboard, which some may be stumbling a Windows or PC novice quickly.

If you previously needed a general explanation of the various function keys on the keyboard, read following: Keyboard summary &# 8211; Where are Tab, Space, Festell & more buttons? If you want to put on a computer from Apple the square brackets, read following: square bracket on Mac &# 8211; They do exist!

Shortcut: square bracket for Word, Excel & Co.

If you have your keyboard scanned after the brackets, you have discovered they probably already in the row of numbers on the keys. 8 and 9 Since the square brackets belong to the third assignment of the keyboard, you can watch the special characters, for example, the @ sign in combination with the key AltGr (right next to the space) set.


  • AltGr + 8 = [
  • Alt Gr + 9 =]


  • Old + (00) = 91 [
  • Old + (00) = 93]

Bracket Word shortcut Windows

An open square bracket ([) to put their therefore must AltGr + 8 tap of the series of numbers, for a closed bracket (]) accordingly AltGr + 9 on the number series. If the shortcut does not work for some reason, you can also try it with the ASCII code for the characters. Therefor but you need a keyboard with numeric keypad. The ASCII key combination for the open square bracket is Alt + (00) 91 on the numeric keypad, for the right bracket Alt + (00) 93 on the numeric keypad.

Alternative ways to insert a bracket

Word bracket special characters menu

In Windows, Word, and free Office alternatives, you can enter not only about the shortcuts above the bracket though. Your optional can also use the Windows Character Map or character-menu of the write or Tabllenprogramms. Exactly how it works, you experience the following article: For special characters and paste &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s.

[U + 5B91
]U + 5D93


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