What are junk files – I can just delete them?

Junk food we all know &# 8211; and love sometimes. But what are junk files? Where they come from and what is best done with them? Actually, most of what you should do with junk food: Trashing!

What are junk files - I can just delete them?

In principle, junk files, data waste that constantly arises when using a computer. Really you notice it only when one has ever tested a program again, which promises to make the computer much faster. Then we are pleased to present a number of mega of data up gigabytes, which could delete confidently. But that always true?

Where do the junk files come from?

When we work with a computer, we expect a certain level of comfort. We want, for example, while writing or while working on a graphic of several steps can undo. So the PC saves not only our results but also temporary files that contain all of our operations. This allows us to not only work more convenient, but sometimes also have a lifeline if something went wrong. In most cases, this file residues are automatically deleted when we store our factory and close the program. But not always.

junk files ccleanerWow, little junk files! But at least, well 9MB have accumulated

Then such data accumulate on the hard drive, such as dust bunnies in a PC case. When you next open our program does not know anything more of his legacy and we anyway. Actually all such temporary files should be located in the Temp folder, but this is unfortunately not the case. And when we start a program like CCleaner to clean up times and also to destroy treacherous tracks, it presents us at once vast amounts of such files, distributed all over the plate. In this case we speak of junk files and most of them you can dispose of it safely.

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