For Honor: Game does not start, possible problems in the overview

For Honor is started and takes you into an interesting medieval hack-and-slash, but for some players the excitement ends very early. There are different problems, whether on console or PC. Network problems to errors at startup. We give you on this page a list of possible causes of problems and want to look with you for solutions.

For Honor: Game does not start, possible problems in the overview

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Because you look like a little kid about the release of happy for Honor and sits on a Viking helmet in front of the console or the PC, but it does nothing. In some cases, it may also be that you can now and then playing a game and then again not because the game apparently hangs in matchmaking and players can not join.

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For Honor: game does not start and other problems

UPDATE 23/02/2017:

Currently there is a critical error For the Honor servers. Therefore, since about 14 o'clock the server is unreachable without interference. Unfortunately, the problems lie on Xbox One, PS4 and PC before, so it's all the players concerned. Ubisoft know the players point out that the server maintenance become. so it remains to be seen, from when the normal fray works again. If you try to log you, you will receive an error and after getting shown her a relevant notes, trying the game very long contact with the servers. Here, however, not much comes around and you can not log in you.

For Honor problemsSometimes it just does not work&# 8230;

Wireless broken? changed to LAN cable. Nothing happens. Unlock ports? Much effort, little success. In between is often a Network error 0004000008 occur and you can not do much more than to start another attempt. Even if the error occurs several times, you will have to try again and again.

For Honor does not startIn this error you can not do much except to start a new try.

 Updated on 15/02/2017:

  • Titan X graphics card problems: In some cases it may happen that disconnections and missing &# 8220; Back to Desktop&Functions; # 8221 could occur. These can with a Titanium-X graphics card linked and it is recommended by Ubisoft that ye with Customer Support Department should prevail. So far there are no solution for the error, which is why you your DXDiag protocols should send it to the customer so that they can take on the problem. Check out your driver for the graphics card and the problem could be solved: Therefore, only the tip we left.
  • Gamepad problems: In some cases, the gamepad will not really work. tried a Bluetooth connection therefore be avoided and uses the USB port directly. In addition, there can be problems if For Honor has already started and followed her your gamepad. The game then jumps back to the keyboard, which is why you should join as possible before starting the game your controller.
For Honor does not startSometimes it just does not work in For Honor&# 8230; 

Easy Anti Cheat: For Honor does not start

Report PC gamers problems to start the game. The error message for Easy Anti Cheat can be frustrating and not even let you start For Honor. According to Ubisoft this one help Review of the game files via UPlay. Go for this to apply For Honor and goes on characteristics. There you will find the section let local scan files. If the process is completed, For Honor should run normally. nevertheless gets her Error message 10018, For you have to Honor first completely terminate finish including all processes (via Task Manager). In a pinch, you also need to UPlay client start anew.

The game is stuck at matchmaking

It can happen on a regular basis that you stuck at the start of a match in the window of matchmaking. At this point, you can then do nothing. Only two players displayed with symbol and the rest without. Players can indeed log in, but not join the party. Then get her red error messages. In this case only, it helps if you the application closes and restarts. Even this has to be done sometimes several times. This is frustrating, but the only way to waste too much time by waiting.

THE SOLUTION - unfortunately is wait for the misery has been eliminated. We will keep you on possible changes to date.

For Honor does not start on the PC

It can fault with Easy Anti Cheat occur. Here, you will receive an error message and then &# 8220; game does not start&# 8221 ;. The solution this is that her Veryfy File Integrity uses the Uplay PC client. Just go on settings, then to local files and selects check files. Then this problem should be resolved. It may be that you not back to the desktop comes after your connection interrupted has been. Unfortunately, you must then restart the game.

For Honor does not startHave you made it into a game, For Honor simply looks good.

In addition, the error code can 10018 occur. Closes the game and looks over the task Manager, whether all the processes of For Honor were terminated. Ends this manually if need be and starts the game. Also BitDefender can hinder the game. The problem is solved quickly if you BitDefender disabled, or Active Threat Control off.

Connection problems with the PC also occur and can manifest itself in different ways. Either the game crashes during a game from her thrown out during the matchmaking, different NAT types or the connection will be different because of problems with the regions cut. In most cases, you have to restart the game. It is also helpful if you in groups same area or same NAT type antretet.

For Honor: Problems on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Players on the Xbox One have problems with the fact that the game is not between alpha and beta can differ. You do not come into the game in and can the Solve problem, by sending a reinstalling starts from For Honor. Unfortunately, it may be in this case that their data download again need. In addition, some gamers on the Xbox One can not start the game before the settings for privacy have not changed. Go into the menu, and select the security settings and Account settings and sets on Everyone.

For Honor does not startFrom transient problems with For Honor yourself some training is recommended.

On two consoles it may happen that you just flies out of the game. Unfortunately, you have to simply reboot and For Honor will send an error log at Ubisoft. Otherwise, you only help further experiments logging in to the games. On the consoles there is also a problem with the NAT type. Here helps only a little luck that their same when matchmaking in groups with the same area, the Nat type comes.

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