Soy Luna Stream: Here there are all the consequences in the stream

After the broadcast of the first season of the hit series has come to an end, you can look at all the consequences again in Soy Luna Stream. Here we show you where you Soy Luna streams best and what options you have it.

Soy Luna Stream: Here there are all the consequences in the streamSource: © Disney Channel

The Argentine telenovela Soy Luna (Translation: I'm Luna) enthusiasts since its launch mid-2016 many viewers. the history of the 16-year-old Luna, who is torn in the midst of puberty from their usual environment is told. Her parents received a job offer in Argentina, so the whole family from Mexico to Buenos Aires attracts. What Luna experienced en détail there, can you look at yourself in the stream.

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Soy Luna Stream &# 8211; and roller skates

If you want to see in the stream Soy Luna, you have two options:

In the library from Disney Channel you can look at the respective result of the last seven days.

Soy Luna stream at Disney Channel*

Amazon video you can watch all the episodes - regardless of the broadcast. Your case can buy separately for 2.99 euros either every episode when their searches only for certain consequences, or each a season for a total of 12.99 euros. Amazon has made a season unlike the Disney Channel, which divides the series into a season of 80 episodes from ten episodes.

stream all episodes from Amazon Video*

Bueno el DAA de hoy fue súper productivo, fue hermoso me despido nos vemos maà ± ana BYE

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Who streaming not enough, you can also purchase various merchandise from Soy Luna:

The music from the series*

The linens for sleeping*

Skates roller from the series*

The Soy Luna umbrella for rainy days*

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Soy Luna Stream: The awaits you

Currently, the shooting for the second season in full swing - like the Instagram account of some actor reveals:

Estudiando para maà ± ana ... comienza la grabación de la 2da temporada de #soyluna @soyluna_la @disneychannel_la

One of Ana Carolina Valsagna (@anacarovalsagna) gepostetes photo on June 20, 2016 at 17:36

There are up to broadcast in the spring of 2017 a few months back, here's a quick teaser to the main plots:

Luna is a 16-year-old girl in Cancún (Mexico) lives with her parents. When they suddenly get a very lucrative job offer in Buenos Aires (Argentina), is Luna's life changes from one moment to the next. It is not only torn from their familiar radius, it also goes to an elite private school with which they can not identify. The clique of Ámbar, Jazmin and Delfina makes it even more difficult for life. But Nina finds a girlfriend and even roller-skating at Jam&Roller she likes, as well as the Open Music Nights.

Here you learn, what about the second season.

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