Used someone my WLAN? So you can find it out

Learn the following article, as you find out whether someone your wireless shared, thus has hacked into this.

Used someone my WLAN? So you can find it out

Today, all wireless networks actually are secured with WPA2, however, these quite ordinary encryption is no guarantee that will not yet give unauthorized access to a wireless network. Just in case, but there is a way to find out. Namely programs available with which you can see which devices are in their own WLAN. Up here a strange device on, you know that someone has hacked into the wireless network. Below is her instructions for how to display the tool Wireless Network Watcher Wireless Stations and how to detect unauthorized devices.

First of all you should find out which devices are located in your WLAN:

  1. Invite you this first, the Wireless Network Watcher program and unzip the downloaded ZIP file.
  2. Starts the .exe file in the unzipped directory, no installation is necessary.
  3. Directly after starting the program you lists all devices with IP address and names that are logged into your WLAN.


  1. Is in the list a device with foreign IP address or a false name, you know that someone else your wireless shared.

But how you ought to proceed if you do not exactly know which IP addresses or names have their own stuff? Learn the answer to the next page.


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