Halloween 2017: the date, origin and meaning

Where Halloween actually come from, on what date it will take place and what is celebrated there? Is the custom really spilled over from America to us or what are its roots? And why the festival is becoming increasingly popular with us? All information about Halloween in general and the exact date in 2017 can be found here.

Halloween: origin and meaning

Use is celebrated mainly in the US, but is originally from Ireland: Halloween.Use is celebrated mainly in the US, but is originally from Ireland: Halloween.

Halloween is generally considered an "ore-American" tradition, similar to the assumption that Coca Cola had invented the red and white Santa Claus. And here such as the assumption is wrong. The custom to dress on any given day of the year and go from door to door comes namely originally from Ireland. Irish immigrants brought him to the United States and developed there over time more and more. From a relatively small religious festival so was a national custom, which was certainly reinforced by the candy industry and the producers of costumes and holiday cards.

By the way: The red-white Santa Claus gabs in 1900 in "Munich broadsheet&# 8221 ;.

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But what is at stake there actually - and when?

Halloween 2017 - celebrated on October 31. - like every Halloween. is on 1 November All Saints' Day, at the eve the Irish celebrated the so-called folk custom "All Hallows' Eve." Here should be thought of "all saints". This Catholic holiday became necessary as many persons were appointed saints as in the early centuries, that you could not introduce a holiday for everyone.

Halloween 2017 falls on a Tuesday.

Halloween is not an official holiday and you do not get free on that day. October 31, however, is also the Reformation. Is a federal holiday in 2017, but next year only in some predominantly Protestant states.

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So Halloween has quite originally a Christian (Catholic) importance, although it is believed that All Hallows' Eve itself dates back to pagan customs. It is assumed that the holiday has taken a Celtic Saints feast day in honor of the god of death Samhain. However, the fact that All Saints' Day was first established in the 6th century on the first of November. Until then, Christians celebrated the day in the spring.

Halloween and zombies go together.Halloween and zombies go together.

The &# 8220; modern&# 8221; Halloween is coming since the 1990s increasingly across the Atlantic to Europe. It started indispensable in France, meanwhile, but the festival is also in this country any more. The candy manufacturer, pumpkin growers and supermarkets have long been prepared for them. While more and more children go with corresponding panels on candy hunt, their older siblings and parents celebrate Halloween parties.

What's up with the Halloween pumpkin (or -Rübe) about?

In Ireland, turnips were originally used to make Jack-o-Lanterns.In Ireland, turnips were originally used to make jack-o-lanterns.

Halloween seems to be associated with hollowed out, glowing pumpkins inseparable. And today this seems to be indeed the case, but not originally a pumpkin, but the turnip was the symbol of Halloween night. This custom also comes from Ireland.

This name comes from an Irish legend: The darkling Jack Oldfield was locked up by a trick the devil in a turnip and he just wanted to let him go when the devil no longer come to him in the future in the way.

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After his death, the bad guy could not go to heaven, but hell was taboo because he had tricked the devil because of his deeds. then the prince of hell gave him a turnip and a piece of burning coal, so Jack wandering in the dark and could illuminate the lantern off the turnip. This lamp is also called "Jack O'Lantern" - or about Jack O. Lantern.

Actually, that is, the rutabaga is indeed the symbol of Halloween, but was replaced in the US by the pumpkin because it is larger and easier to decorate.

Stuck: Halloween and pumpkinsStuck: Halloween and pumpkins

Halloween 2017: What is the date on itself? When the custom takes place?

When is Halloween? October 31 is Halloween night, the custom is always celebrated on this date. As already mentioned above, the deadline is due to the fact that Catholic Irish have celebrated the All Saints Festival on November 1, All Hallows' Eve. Meanwhile, Halloween is not indispensable even for Germany.

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What fact about Halloween yet did you know? What's better you, pumpkin or turnip? And celebrates Halloween or come by with you children on Halloween? Write us in the comments.


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