Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare does not start: The can you do

With Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite you travel to different planets and discovered the solar system. Annoying it is when you can not see the beautiful surroundings, because the game crashes or when you caused problems. Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite does not start? We show you what you can do.

With a new zombie mode and two crazed difficulty Call of Duty comes: therefore Infinite Warfare. See also the planet devastatingly chic out. Suffers the game with you but among FPS drops or dive even Stripes on your screen on, the gaming experience is of course tarnished. We show you in this article, what you can do when Infinite Warfare does not start or crashes. If we can not solve your problem, but we add a comment below this article.

The first 30 minutes of the campaign of Infinite Warfare:

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Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite does not start: What can be?

Infinite Warfare fails to start or crashes, it is usually due to the graphic card and missing or defective drivers. While Nvidia and AMD's your turn to keep their drivers up to date, but it does not work always. Did you also automatic updates turned off, could be slipped through their fingers you the latest drivers.

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  • AMD has released a game-ready driver for Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. The version number is 16.11.1 (AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition). You can download the new driver on the AMD support page.
  • Also Nvidia has released the GeForce site's game-ready driver. This is the version 375.70 &# 8211; WHQL.
not start'd like Infinite Warfare, you can not see this beautiful scenery. We show you how it can work again.not start'd like Infinite Warfare, you can not see this beautiful scenery. We show you how it can work again.

So it is important to keep your driver as current as possible. But the game should always update it. Currently is also an already Day One Patch outside, the download should you her. Also check out the system requirements of Infinite Warfare to see if your PC providing the minimum requirements.

bought Infinite Warfare in the Windows 10-Store?

On the website of Activision, the publisher informed that players who Infinite Warfare in bought Windows 10 Store to have, Limitations in multiplayer have to accept. Do you want to play with friends who have the Steam version, you must also acquire you a copy of the game on this platform. Windows Store and Steam players can not deny together matches. Also, you have to expect that the version can unite from the Windows Store much less players in multiplayer. Given the number of users of Steam and Windows you should rather then to change to the Steam version.

Source: FAQ by ActivisionSource: FAQ by Activision

Vorbestellerboni are not displayed

Have you pre-ordered Infinite Warfare and now awaits your Vorbestellerboni in the game, it can up to 4 hours take before they appear. So wait a moment and start the game again, so the bonus can be displayed. The bonus is not still in the game after a day, you should contact support.

Lines on the screen

Some players have problems with the granulation in the game. It ensures that their white or colorful stripes see on the display, the lie about the game. In this case, you should click on the settings and look for grain or grain effect. It is automatically set to maximum &# 8211; you should on it but reduce about 20 percent.

stuck on the loading screen

Will you no longer with Infinite Warfare on the loading screen addition, you should first check whether your Graphics card drivers still current are. then turn off your antivirus program and start your PC. then once the game starts.

From time to time the servers are probably a little overloaded. Click on & quot; quot leaving &; and tries again.From time to time the servers are probably a little overloaded. click on &Exit; # 8220&# 8221; and tries again.

Low FPS or stuttering gameplay

Noise from your FPS, should you immediately check the settings and reduce some options. So you should, for example, the quality of the textures turn down and see if the game now runs smoothly. However, it stutters, you should first quality reduce shadows. Does not that ensures the quality of the game from high to medium to. Is stuttering away now and however you want Playing back on high, changes from medium to high and looks to see what settings have changed. Now you have to adjust these settings so that the stuttering stops.

FPS lock in Modern Warfare Remastered

Do you have a strong PC, you would probably get a kick out Infinite Warfare. at Modern Warfare Remastered is the campaign limited to 125 FPS, the multiplayer to 91 FPS. Do you want to increase this cap, you unfortunately have to wait for an update. but until now there is still no announcement from the developers.

Problems with DirectX

does not start the game with you because a DirectX error present? Tried the following steps:

  • Changes the view scaling in Windows. For this you performs a right-click on your desktop and select Display Settings. The size of text, apps and other elements should be at 100 percent. Pushes the slider to the left, that you may vornehmt the setting. then start the PC.
  • If the problem persists, you have to look for the .exe files of the game. Looking at folder Steam \ steamapps \ common afterwards. Performs a right-click on the two .exe files and opens the properties. Ensures that a hook before scaling is clear on high DPI value.
  • Disables your virus scanner. Is it too unsafe to you that you should put iw7_ship.exe to the exception list of antivirus program file.
  • Helps all nothing embark in the game settings and disables antialiasing in the graphics settings.

The last point to problem solving helps you also still when your simply connect lobby or the game just crashes.

Game shows black screen or freezes

To resolve these problems, it works best to simply re-install DirectX. Stay tuned date graphics drivers. Help all anything, it tried with the following solution:

  1. Steam launches new and clicks on your game library.
  2. now performs a right-click on Infinite Warfare and selects the properties.
  3. Under the tab Local files you can check for errors the game files.
  4. After a few minutes the process is completed.

Connectivity issues in multiplayer

Breaks your connection from or only no can be set up which could be due to your port. Here you get on the IT blog of Tobias Hartmann aid and place directly all possible ports for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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