Super Mario Maker for 3DS review: Verschlimmbessertes masterpiece

The Super Mario Maker Wii U was one of the best games of last year. Thanks to the release of the Nintendo 3DS you can now go tinker your own worlds and immerse themselves in the creations of others. In the test, you will see how well the implementation is successful.

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Nintendo has created a special software with the Super Mario Maker, which fits perfectly with the Wii U. The manufacturer gave you a tool with which you see classic with different eyes and you could fall in love again with her. It was a big sandbox for experimentation and trial and error, a construction kit with simple operation. And, moreover, could you share with the world this particular experience in the form of its own level. For me, this masterpiece was one of the best games of last year.

The announcement to publish the Super Mario Mario Maker on the Nintendo 3DS, sparked with me first, of course, a great enthusiasm. I was no longer tied to the local console and perhaps I could easily transfer my designs even the Wii U version and can go wherever you do. But instead of a closer link between the two games, Nintendo drew a clear boundary between titles. On the Nintendo 3DS, there are new features, but lacking certain amenities of the Wii U version.

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What makes Super Mario Maker for 3DS better than the Wii U version?

It's great in any case that you can now build the road level. There are almost no limitations in scope or in the functions - on the few limitations I will discuss later. Nintendo, however, has changed unlocking the content somewhat. There are ten special lessons, divided in basics and advanced to unlock the first elements. To get the remaining components, you have to play the already known from the Wii U "Challenge Super Mario". It consists of started by Nintendo worlds but with each level on the 3DS are either new or have been but at least revised. Three by played regular levels and Bowser level buy you two additional elements for the level editor.

And another thing evaluates this game mode in relation to the living version: Each level of the 3DS version offers two additional medals challenges that make playing through even demanding and sometimes even funny. It is great fun if you try never to draw on a level with the directional pad to the left. You can not slow down and should never accordance with Mario too fast to be. The second medal there in this level the way, if you to your destination runnin in another run with the directional pad permanently to the right steer, without interruption - as a kind of foretaste of Super Mario Run.

Another advantage is that you now can share your levels internally generated via StreetPass.

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What makes Super Mario Maker for 3DS worse than the Wii U version?

You can share any level internally generated via an online connection. All levels that you can download and try you, come from the Wii U. So if you build on the Nintendo 3DS a level, you have to rebuild it U on the Wii or you share it directly with a friend over a local connection. This is a real drawback, because that is a key motivation falls away, why you build a really great level should. Why bother, when it is likely to see anyone anyway? Moreover amiibo figures and the associated Special Mushroom are not supported. This eliminates all levels of the Wii U version, which took advantage of other characters as a feature. This includes some of the coolest levels created by other users.

On the Wii U, some players were annoyed that Nintendo has released the content for the level editor only gradually and they have not automatically been available. On the 3DS Nintendo has found through the lessons and the "Super Mario challenges" to another mode, but which also represents only a Verschlimmbesserung. Before you Nintendo has yet compelled to apply the new members themselves, to really internalize. Now you have to see on the part pretty boring bubbling of Mashiko and Yamamura listen (a dove!) And initially play many levels. In my opinion is dictated by you too much and you bet too little with each individual component apart you.

The 3D effect on Nintendo 3DS is not supported.


My Test Result Super Mario Maker for 3DS

On the Wii U I loved Super Mario Maker, but on the Nintendo 3DS is likely to become a player in the creative remix kit. Maybe some changes have to do with the weaker technology. On the New Nintendo 3DS there were no problems with the performance, but on the regular Nintendo 3DS, it will certainly lead to occasional inroads into more complex level designs. Without the amiibo support and the opportunity to share your own levels, missing two essential features.

The addition of the medals challenges are of course great, because it really fun. However, I do not understand is why so something is submitted as an update on the Wii U. Of course, comes from the game still has a great fascination. You can also learn on the handheld much about level design and your favorite classics. There are building sets from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U and you can combine totally crazy things together. No, Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS is really not a bad game, it remains a masterpiece - but unfortunately also a Verschlimmbesserung the original idea.


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