o2: No service – what can you do?

O2 is one of the leading providers of mobile phone tariffs in Germany. Although the o2 network is one of the neat-developed mobile networks in this country, yet it can happen that you have no power even at o2.

o2: No service - what can you do?

Here you learn what you can do if you have no o2 network and what options you have to resolve this issue if the signal is disturbed despite reception. The network fault can manifest itself, among other things, that you will receive any calls itself does not can make calls simply cancel calls or surfing the Internet is very slow or not working at first.

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O2: No power and no reception-help!

  • If your smartphone does not receive at o2 have, it is recommended to first just re zustarten the device.
  • May simply is a temporary software error that the Netzstöo2: No service - what can you do?tion caused.
  • Alternatively, you can also switch the flight mode and then on again to get back to get a connection to the network.
  • Also changing your position. you may find yourself in a dead spot. Especially in buildings, radio reception may well be disturbed.

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No power at o2? Look here for help

There may be a serious network disorder in which you have no receipt with your o2 device. In this case, a look at the website of allestoerungen is recommended. Here are more affected users can also report faults and problems. Should you find that at some point messages on the overview page are propagated to see you can expect a major failure with CO2.

o2: No service - what can you do?

Alternatively, you probably want the real-time check of o2. About the live check *o2: No service - what can you do? unlock them your address, including zip code. As a result, you get first hand displayed by the provider if network problems occur on your site. O2 itself claims to update the information every 30 minutes. Have you only just discovered that o2 have no power, it may take a few minutes before the information is also provided there. On the summary page you can also view the network coverage of O2. So you have the idea of ​​whether o2 ever offered at your place, a reception at your location.

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O2: No network - which will soon be over

Thanks to the merger of O2 and E-Plus, the vendors promise a "national roaming". Here are O2 customers who only have a GSM connection at their site, powered by E-Plus with the improved UMTS. Settings do not have to be made, the phone automatically dials the O2 network in the E-Plus network.

For permanent network faults her contact with the o2 support should take. There may be a damage to your smart phone or the SIM card or problems with your O2 port that you can clarify in direct talks.

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