LG V30 with display problems? Compared with Galaxy S8 revealed weaknesses

Wrong colors and banding? LG has apparently a few problems with the display of the LG V30. Especially in a direct comparison with the OLED top dog Samsung, the problems become clear. If the display of LG just not good enough?

LG V30 with display problems? Compared with Galaxy S8 revealed weaknesses

Small OLED displays territory for LG

David vs. Goliath: While LG rather restrained using OLED displays in smart phones, Samsung can look back on a lot of experience in this area. The South Koreans dominate the market so strong that even have to go the competition from Apple for the iPhone X with Samsung on a shopping spree. LG wants to break the market power and now also produces masses of OLEDs for smartphones - Experience, the Group can collect in OLED TVs. First experiments with smaller screens with the LG G Flex and LG G Flex 2 were not really successful.

11083LG V30 in the Hands-On

In the new LG V30 an OLED display from LG is used. The testers from Ars Technica is now noticed that there are big differences in quality for the Samsung Galaxy S8. You lay out a prior version that was used for comparison.

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LG V30 with the wrong color?

Source: Ars TechnicaSource: Ars Technica

In direct comparison with the Galaxy S8 especially a false color display on the LG has become clear V30. A fully gray image was displayed monochrome and correctly the Galaxy S8 also at the edges. The LG V30, however, is to see a significant "deterioration", which also still unevenly distributed across the OLED panel. Samsung uses AMOLED, where there are no major technical differences to LG's P-OLED.

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Let's just hope that the testers from Ars Technica have just get a Monday device sent - that would indeed quite embarrassing, but also not the end of the world. If the misrepresentation of color, however, the LG V30 with other units confirm the Group would have a huge problem.

The LG V30 will be available in early November in the German retail sector. As suggested retail price 899 euros are given. More information about the device is available in our overview.

Source: Ars Technica


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