AXN receive pay TV channels and the TV amp; via live stream

Which providers can receive the pay television channel AXN? And there are the stations of Sony Pictures Entertainment can also be seen in the live stream? We answer you in the following guide these questions.

Sky customers have to do without the pay television channel AXN since October 2016, as Sony and Sky Germany could not agree. Who would not want to miss the series and film highlights of AXN, so must resort to an alternative.

AXN HD live stream via Magine*

47553Magine TV: Online TV easily

AXN received: These providers are the pay-TV channel

AXN is one of the pay-TV channels of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and is not to be received on TV for free. The transmitter is, however, already offered a variety of different pay-TV providers. Which provider and what package you need to receive AXN, we have summarized for you (as of May 2017):

  • at Unitymedia* Is AXN HD and SD in the TV premium package contain (per month. 19.99 euros) or in the add-on packages DigitalTV Highlights (Monthly 7.99 euro) and DigitalTV Allstars (14.99 euros per month.) Included.
  • IPTV the Telekom* You can AXN HD and SD either the Big TV package (Monthly. 19,95 euros) or by TV package film (6.95 euros) received.
  • at Vodafone AXN HD is with the added HD Premium Package (Mtl. 9,99Euro) receivable.

AXN received Cover

AXN HD live stream: watch the pay channel online

magine-logo-2Magine also offers pay-TV channels on the live stream.*

There is always more legal TV streaming provider in Germany, still offer very few pay-TV channels such as AXN HD on. Currently you can the pay-TV broadcaster reception by Magine * in the live stream. Here you have the following two packages to choose from:

  • Premium: The premium package (monthly. 11,99 euros) contains a total of 78 German TV station (ER, private television & Pay-TV channels) that you via live stream on PC, tablet, smartphone & Co. can see.
  • Movie & Series: The extra film package (monthly. 2.99 euros) is far cheaper, contains TNT movie for only 8 more pay-TV channels (Sony Entertainment TV, TNT Film, Universal Channel HD, Silverline, Sat.1 Emotions, kabel eins Classics, Pro7Fun and Shorts TV).

AXN HD streaming in Magine*

Which series on AXN do not want to miss it, and you are extracting switch to another provider in order to watch the TV channel again? Let us know in the comments!

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