Join Anonymous: How is this possible? 5 facts

We tell you clearly why no one is able, Anonymous join and why you can still be understood as a Anonymous you. Furthermore you read more about the group that is not, learn what history has the stylized mask of Guy Fawkes and the context in which all this with the graphic novel by Allan Moore stands. 

Join Anonymous: How is this possible? 5 facts

wanting to offend without someone, but who wants to join Anonymous, the idea has not quite understood. Who wants to deal seriously with Anonymous, must first learn to think differently. This is not an organization, a club and a structure with members who exercise certain functions and use a particular infrastructure. There is no common opinion or a common ideology. So if you want to be part of Anonymous: Congratulations! You're at it.

1. We Are Legion! Who is Anonymous?

Anonymous is often called the most secret protest movement of the present, but the concept of motion summarizes the phenomenon inadequately or not really. But where secrecy, anonymity and freedom are the most important values, the curiosity of the citizen is aroused quickly and with alleged insider information on the unknown network activists can earn a lot of money. books like &# 8220; Inside Anonymous *Join Anonymous: How is this possible? 5 facts&# 8221; entice readers with exclusive information, but ultimately bring no light into the darkness. This is not surprising, because transparency would be the end of Anonymous.

Ironically request to join in anonymousAn ironic application for membership, can the you download you as a PDF on this website.

The question of who is behind the Anonymous label, that can not be answered seriously. Perhaps you know even one? It may be your neighbor, colleague, the haircut, the dentist, but also your network administrator. You create sites lame, but it's not just hackers and criminals who see themselves as part of Anonymous. Since there are no (visible) hierarchy or official spokesperson, it is very easy to spread messages on behalf of Anonymous (false) for every person. Many may have noticed, for example, the Facebook page, bringing in the name of Anonymous crude racist posts to the people.

If you are interested in anonymous activism, but you feel relatively clueless, would be a first essential step is to sit down with the darknet, Usenet, the TOR browser and the anonymous surfing the net in general apart and you become interested in political backgrounds.

darknet usent deep web use

2. The origin of Anonymous

Anonymous occurs mainly with actions for freedom of speech, against restrictive regulations on the internet, and various organizations (GEMA, Scientology, etc.) in appearance. Initially, the main field of the Internet was to find later there were also actions outside the digital world.

  • As the birthplace of Anonymous-phenomenon, the site is considered 4chan. This is a so-called image board, can be posted on the pictures and posts in different channels. It requires no registration there, there are no user names, but every contribution, no matter what the author is using the pseudonym &# 8220; Anonymous&# 8221; guided.
  • 2008 is generally considered the year as a whole, in which the Anonymous culture was perceived by a wider audience, but the activities under this &# 8220; Brand&# 8221; could be subsumed, can be dated to at least of 2003.
screenshot of the website where everything beganThe site probably all began on.

3. Very short protest & Hack story of Anonymous (incomplete)

  • The challenge to Scientology January 2008. An internal video with Tom Cruise in the lead role is published on the net &# 8211; Scientology is confronted with the Streisand effect, as the sect tried to stop. There is a DDoS attack on the website of the religious community. In February very real Anonymous demonstrations against Scientology are held in many cities &# 8211; Participants wear the famous mask.
  • in the September 2008 the private e-mail account of Sarah Palin is hacked.
  • in the September 2009 there is a DDoS attack on the website of the Australian Prime Minister in protest against the introduction of Internet censorship.
  • September 2010 takes the &# 8220; Operation Payback&# 8221; appearance. It is about restrictions on the Internet and rights management. In addition, the operation WikiLeaks DDoS attacks on PayPal, Visa and MasterCard supported. These had previously blocked accounts of WikiLeaks.
  • in the January 2011 carried an attack on the side of the Tunisian government, which is no longer available for a short time. This involves giving to make the public aware of the censorship during the Arab revolution attention. Tunisia had blocked the IP addresses of TOR servers. Similar actions took place also for Egypt and other countries.
  • LulzSec described himself as Anonymous splinter group and chop in June 2011 the website of Sony Pictures and demonstrated that they can gain access to more than one million customer records. The group also crippled the CIA website and cracked InfraGard from the mains. They also manipulated the website of the newspaper &# 8220; The Sun&# 8221; and published the death of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.
  • July 2011 the Occupy movement is born as the magazine Adbusters calls for the occupation of Wall Street. This call is supported by Anonymous.
  • December 2012 created with NaziLeaks a platform that publishes the contact details of alleged Nazi supporters.
  • in the february 2012 Anonymous released the recording of a conference call from the FBI and Scotland Yard, whose theme is the investigation of Anonymous, as well as e-mail addresses of investigators.
  • also in february 2012 Anonymous hacks five million e-mails to the strategy consulting firm Stratfor (in 2011 captured) WikiLeaks publishes.
  • The recent headlines activists produced under the flag of Anonymous with its challenge to the &# 8220; the Islamic State&# 8221 ;.

anonymous activist

4. Who was Guy Fawkes?

Guy Fawkes was the real model for the fictional anarchists or terrorists from the graphic novel V &# 8220; V Vendetta&# 8221 ;. The real Fawkes lived from 1570 to 1606 in London. He was a Catholic officer, a bomb-attack on 05 November 1605 (Gunpowder Plot) I. the König Jakob and the English Parliament committed. The attack was foiled, Fawkes was arrested, tortured and betrayed his accomplices. These were executed and Fawkes landed on Jan. 31, 1606 also on the gallows. But instead of being pull the Noose, he jumped from the platform and shortened his agony with a broken neck.

picture of guy fawkes the real role model of the known maskThe real Guy Fawkes

The November 05 has become since those days into a kind of folk festival in England, the successful thwarting of the attack was celebrated originally at that. Throughout the country there were bonfires and Guy Fawkes effigies were thrown into the fire.

guy fawkes is the role model of the famous mask

V for Vendetta: The comic!*V for Vendetta: The DVD*

5. Where did the mask?

The illustrator David Lloyd made this historical figure then early 80s became a symbol of resistance. Together with the author Allan Moore the comic V for Vendetta, whose hero was equipped with a Guy Fawkes mask originated. When the graphic novel was filmed in 2005/2006, the awareness developed by Lloyd mask increased. The first, which they were then used in public spaces supporters of Ron Paul, a Republican presidential candidate. Only after the mask was also a symbol of the Occupy movement and Anonymous.

The mask has become a consumer articleThese masks are available for a few euros everywhere. *

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