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4. Large smileys in Facebook chat ( "stickers")

The large smileys hot Sticker. We find them right in Chat window in the Facebook app and in the Web browser:

  1. Tap the gray smiley in the text entry field.
  2. Open the stickers. By wiping You blätterst to other faces.
  3. Choose from a sticker. Note: The sticker will be sent immediately!

Facebook Stickers

If you of the sticker display back to the keyboard Skip want, tap the left into the text entry field.

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Download Free sticker for Facebook

Facebook has a sticker Store, where there are numerous other stickers for free.

  1. Tap the gray smiley in the text entry field.
  2. Tap the basket. The sticker store opens.
  3. Select the desired sticker sets.
  4. Tap Done.

Facebook Stickers Download

Now you are the different sets displayed, each with several pages.

On the next page we show you some Screens of the new Facebook Stickers:


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