Beatles crosswalk where is he and what conspiracy behind it?

"Abbey Road" is one of the greatest works of music history, the cover is for the popularity of the song to "Come Together" and "Something" in anything. Virtually every the previous Beatles likely already have seen on the crosswalk. But where actually is the famous Beatles Zebra Crossing? And what is the myth that?

Beatles crosswalk where is he and what conspiracy behind it?

In "Abbey Road" is the eleventh album by the Beatles. The work was published on 26 September 1969th The title of "Abbey Road" carries the album thanks to the eponymous street in London, in which the recording studios of EMI can be found.

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Where can I find the Beatles zebra stripes?

In that very Abbey Road there is also the famous "Beatles" -Zebrastreifen. The photo for the album cover was shot by Ian MacMillan on August 8 1969th Those who want to march themselves in the paths of music legends, finds the Beatles crosswalk at the following address:

Abbey Road 3
Corner Grove End Road

By subway to reach the crosswalk at the stop "St. Johns Wood "ride on the Jubilee line, the bus her about the" Route 139 "directly to Abbey Road.

Who does not want to embark on the journey to London, can easily take a look at the most famous pedestrian crossing in world history on the specially installed webcam. The webcam offers you a live stream, you can see regularly on the how pedestrian perform well over 40 years after the release of the album "Abbey Road" their style similar to "The Beatles" poses on the road. Thanks Google also you can perform a virtual walk through the legendary studios on Abbey Road.

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The Beatles crosswalk and its myths

As famous as the crosswalk is, so many myths have grown up around the street corner.


  • Among other things, the rumor circulating that Paul McCartney was dead at the time of the photo. As evidence given is that McCartney is in the photo barefoot.
  • In the UK, deaths are traditionally buried barefoot.
  • In addition, McCartney steps out of line, because it is the only right leg was forward.
  • Conspiracy theorists see the man clothed in white John Lennon as a priest while Ringo Starr will be in black clothes of the pallbearers.
  • Paul McCartney is left-handed, on the "Abbey Road" cover but he holds a cigarette in his right hand. Here, therefore, should be a doppelganger evidence.
  • The picture with the zebra crossing should not be the only evidence of the death of Paul McCartney. Other theories and ideas can be found behind the Urban Legend "Paul is Dead".

From now on you can also hits of the Beatles for free online in streaming.

Lest us also what is really behind the Bilderberg conspiracy.

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