Dagi Bee: & quot; right mobile number 2016 watch online here & quot; – Warning trap!

What is the phone number of Dagi Bee? Numerous fan sites of known YouTuber Dagi Bee maintain regular that they had the real cell phone number of Dagi Bee. But is this really true? And can you really just call the social media star Dagi Bee? We clarify.

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Dagi Bee is next Bibis Beauty Palace one of the most famous YouTube stars Germany and provides its fans regularly with beauty tips and advice on lifestyle, love and relationship problems. For many viewers Dagi is thus almost become something like a real girlfriend &# 8211; as it would naturally cool if you could do just quickly call if you have a problem. For this you would need the first course Mobile number of Dagi Bee.


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Dagi Bee: Mobile number 2016 in circulation: Attention Fake!

On the Internet are circulating on numerous fan pages for some time posts that have claimed that these sites would have the real mobile number Dagi Bee. The pattern is always the same in principle.

  • To get the phone number you shall subscribe to the side or liken.
  • After a certain number of subscribers the phone number of Dagi Bee would then be published.
  • Then, however, you should not fall: it is in these cases a fake!
  • The same goes for YouTube videos on which the number is published.
Dagi Bee Mobile Phone NumberMany fans of Dagi would like to call in case of problems with the YouTube star &# 8211; Unfortunately, that's not so easy.

Dagi Bee did not publish her cell phone number on the net &# 8211; Sites that claim the opposite will lead you up the garden path: It is all about to tap as possible as many Likes and subscriptions for their own side. Since many fans would like to have the private number of Dagi Bee, they quickly click on the Like button, hoping that they would get the right number. That's not the case &# 8211; if you get at all to see a number (which is highly unlikely), these are a forgery.

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Dagi Bee call private &# 8211; Is that possible?

Although Dagi Bee uses the social media very go-getting, she values ​​her privacy &# 8211; and that should be respected. For this reason, it has never published their home number on the internet and this will not do so in the future. From time to time Dagi Bee telephoned still live with their fans and then also gets a call. In this case but suppressed her before her cell phone number, to prevent them falling into the wrong hands.

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Incidentally, the number of Dagis parents is unknown, since they also have no entry in the public telephone directory. If you want to get in touch with Dagi Bee, you should therefore most of the numerous social media channels try running Dagi is active - for example, by you write a comment under their videos. Especially curious to know from us furthermore also who is the new friend of Dagi Bee and what tattoos wearing Dagi

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