HbbTV – what is this feature?

The technological advances in the TV sector has brought in the past years and months anew terms, abbreviations and technical talk shop to light. Who is looking for a new TV set, often find the abbreviation "HbbTV" again. But what it is at HbbTV?

HbbTV - what is this feature?

Today has almost every Smart TV to the HbbTV feature.

155347Setting up a connection to the Internet: Samsung Smart TV

What means- "HbbTV-enabled"?

  • The abbreviation stands for HbbTV "Hybrid Broadcasting Broadband TV".
  • Lets get additional information about the program and the program on the screen itself while viewing a program.
  • Frequently HbbTV is also known as the modern version of the still popular teletext.
  • Here you have it, however, nothing to do with writing blocks in four colors, but receive similar in a browser window photos, videos and graphics as additional information.
  • HbbTV also allows the display of interactive features.
  • Thus, can. As interactive quizzes are displayed in parallel to the current program.
  • Even ordering goods directly to the TV set is possible via HbbTV.
  • Viewers of casting shows will in future also vote directly on the TV without a smartphone for their favorite.
  • Offers for HbbTV are already presented by several TV stations.
  • So who among other things, ARD, ZDF and ProSieben Sat.1 and HbbTV content.

HbbTV - what is this feature?

Can be upgraded HbbTV?

  • The plan is to replace in the future the traditional teletext by the interactive HbbTV.
  • The use of HbbTV is free.
  • However, you need a device, which is able to display this content.
  • In addition, you should have at home a decent Internet connection, and finally the information on HbbTV be transmitted through the Internet line.
  • However, the TV signal can be provided by another source.
  • Whether satellite, cable or DVB-T is for HbbTV irrelevant.


Unfortunately, it is not usually possible, its existing TV set with the HbbTV technology z. B. upgrade via firmware update. Devices that support HbbTZV are for. B. Philips' Net TV "TV.

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