Music record on the PC – From video, web radio stream

Is it possible to record music on a PC and is this legal? Here you learn the legal situation and we recommend you a program from her music videos, streaming and Internet radio record music and edit can.

1275Music record on the PC
What was once the radio has become the PC for many. You can listen to all day about the tooting from around the world. But can not and must absorb this music? No one wants to face with a tape recorder to the speakers of the computer. But that's not necessary, thanks to special programs with which you can record the music and even edit.

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record music - Program

The legal situation (see below) determined that her music are allowed to record, as it is streamed from the Internet to your PC. Of course there's still the old-school option they tap off to the micro directly from the speaker, but it's much easier. Music from the net is intended to be output via headphones or speakers. And as it passes over the sound card. The programs can access to receive the audio stream.

Music record programrecord music with Audacity


With the freeware program Audacity can you not just upload a file, edit, cut and convert, but can you also record music.

So you can record with Audacity Music:

  1. First clicks her top right in the program window (in addition to the micro) on the Display the recording level. Then shows up program that it already receives a stream.
  2. After that you click on the controls top left on the red record button.
  3. You can either on End of the receptacle on the yellow square Click to stop them or you pause the recording.
  4. After finishing the recordings, the result may be Export sound - file get saved. For this you are different formats available for selection.

Record music &# 8211; hardware

You want music to record, want or can not install a program? No problem. As before, it is possible to tap the music in the headphone jack. So if you, for example, have an MP3 player with recording function, you can connect with a corresponding cable directly to the PC. This is of course with the good old tape recorder 😉

record music - legal situation

Anyone who has previously been crouching with cassettes for hours in front of the radio and wanted to record the music that has been sheared not particularly about the legal position. In the Internet era, it looks a bit different, mainly because the copying and sharing have become so much easier.

But in fact nothing has changed in the fundamental rights situation. Then as now, it was allowed to tap music as a private copy of the speaker or speak to connect the recorder directly to the radio. In today's case, this means we can record music directly to the sound card.

What is not allowed is the cracking of copy protection. But on the one hand there is no reasonable way to as To encrypt a music video or a radio stream and on the other you are allowed to this music even record from the sound card.

Strictly forbidden, of course, continue to spread this music commercially. You can still &Mix tapes; # 8220&# 8221; arrange for your girlfriend or bring these private copies of a friend on the USB stick.

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