RTL 2 You receive a live stream

While RTL is trying to lure RTLplus the slightly older audience in front of the TV screen, RTL II will start with a program that should appeal to younger viewers. RTL 2 You should primarily serve Jugen subjects, especially lifestyle, fashion and beauty as well as gaming, sports and comedy.

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The target group of the offer has a aged 14 to 25. We show you how you can receive RTL 2 You and what program is waiting for you.

To the live program*

RTL 2 You received: how it works online in Stream

Unlike RTLplus RTL II You will not be broadcast on free TV. And pay TV, satellite or cable, there is no reception of RTL 2 You. Rather, the young station broadcasts from the House of RTL 2 target groups online.

  • RTL 2 You live stream can receive their free online and in a browser.
  • If you are traveling or do not want to sit at the computer, RTL 2 You can also watch on a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV in the live stream.
  • Parallel to the live stream you have access to a chat, through which you can entertain yourself with other RTL-2-You-viewers about the current program.
  • RTL 2 You live stream is sent 24 hours a day under the slogan "Running with you."
  • If you missed a program can call the repeat on demand online.

On display are some "highlights" for young audiences from the RTL II main program. So run on RTL II You, the long-running "Berlin - Day & Night "and" Cologne 50667 ". Here you get to see the consequences of the first hour.

rtl-2-youRTL II You in the stream (Screenshot: you.rtl2.de)

RTL 2 You: Program with David Hain, Rocket Beans and YouTube stars

In addition to other self-produced broadcasts RTL 2 You also shows series like "Heroes Reborn" or "Teen Wolf." Also anime fans can call the RTL 2 You-stream to provide themselves with Digimon Fusion, Dragon Ball and One Piece. In addition, the magazine runs "All About Anime with Ninotaku TV" in online channels.

In addition, attempts to transport the success of YouTube on its own channel. RTL 2 You shows various beauty and fashion formats. Among others Ema Louise and flex their own broadcasts on RTL 2 You. Gamers can look forward to "gamble with beans", "Game + Daily" and other Rocket Beans television broadcasts. The RBTV team promises is that no RTL 2 You (time) exclusive formats should be shown and diehard Rocket Beans Viewers do not have to worry about missing anything.

In addition to the bean's own production "Hain game" another former GIGA-GAMES-face in RTL to see II You program.

To the live program*

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RTL 2 in the stream at Magine*

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