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If you want to change existing settings in your Unitymedia router, you must sign up you only on the router interface. We tell you how and with what login that works.

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Unitymedia: Router Login

Unless the router is connected and your computer is connected to the wireless network of the router, you can check out as follows in the Unitymedia ISDN router:

  1. open your browser and give in the address bar the following IP address:
  2. Confirmed after pressing the Enter key.

    Give here your username and password.Give here your username and password.

  3. The login screen will appear. Give there User name and password on.
  4. which is standard for many router models: admin
  5. Give the one in both the username and the password. Alternatively, it can also work sometimes when you let the password field blank.
  6. If this works, you should change later in the settings, the router's password because this default is quite uncertain. See: Creating secure passwords and remember.

Unitymedia: Router Login does not work - problem solving

If ye can not login, goes as follows:

  1. if the Login fails, is it the login information for your router on the Rear, in the instructions or in letter, whom you get along with the router.
  2. Is sure that you have not prescribed to you (Caps Lock!) Or your keyboard layout is changed from understanding: Keyboard switch from English to German.
  3. Checks whether the PC you want to connect with the router to which is actually connected to the wireless network of the router.
  4. Connects the router and PC, if necessary, with a network cable (LAN cable).
  5. Checks whether you have assigned a fixed IP address for the router setup. If so and you have reset in between the router and the PC, you must enable DHCP again only under certain circumstances.

If the Login still does not work or her does not find login information, get in touch with the Unity Media Support. This will help you if you describing the problem.