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If suddenly no sound comes and the Device Manager, the absence of &# 8221; Multimedia Audio Controller&# 8221; criticized, it is time to act. What to do, we explain here.

Multimedia Audio Controller missing - what to do?

What sounds so complicated, is actually no more than the lack of a suitable driver for the sound card. This may be because it has relaunched a computer. But it may also be that a driver update went wrong and the driver is corrupted. It is important at the moment only once to keep a clear head. Complicated is not the problem. Complicated is to find the right driver.

find the Multimedia Audio Controller

There are hundreds of different sound cards and they all require their own drivers. To find the correct driver, however, we must reasonably clearly identify the sound card. In recent years, there are sound cards usually directly on the motherboard, making the identification is a little heavier. You should start looking for the right Multimedia Audio Controller in-house.

As a rule, all drivers are supplied on a support DVD in a PC. So to find the driver that was present at the first start and worked, you should look there first.

You should not be able to find there, then a visit to the support page of the computer manufacturer's worth. Especially against the background that the majority of computer comes from a few Herst5ellern, all contain a download area and also help us to identify the driver for the Multimedia Audio Controller accurately by entering a device number.

When searching for the correct driver hardware diagnostic tools such as SiSoft Sandra Lite or AIDA64 help us. With you we can find out exactly which sound card was actually installed.

Only when all this does not resolve the problem, you try the alleged manufacturer of the sound card. And only at the end you google for a driver for the card. Here, however, one should be careful because not a few pages to try to grab the driver in an installer with which they want us to play other software on the computer yet.

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install the driver Multimedia Audio Controller

There are two ways to install the correct driver for the Multimedia Audio Controller normally. Either he comes in the form of a setup file that we just need to start, or we install the driver via Device Manager.

or install drivers for the Multimedia Audio Controller we delete in Device Manageror install drivers for the Multimedia Audio Controller we delete in Device Manager
  • To do this we first start the Device Manager under Start -> Control Panel -> Device Manager.
  • There we search for the contact Audio, video and game controllers. In case of error, we find there u.U. a yellow exclamation mark.
  • Now we look to have the relevant device and open the other properties with a double click
  • The tab driver provides us various options available and we can update there including the driver.
We can also search automatically for the correct driver for the Multimedia Audio ControllerWe can also search automatically for the correct driver for the Multimedia Audio Controller

There is on the one hand the possibility of automatic search, but rarely leads or to the right result, we are told, the latest driver is already installed. More useful is because the search for the correct driver on the computer. For then we can specifically use the new driver, we have concerned ourselves.

Possible problems when installing the Multimedia Audio Controller

If errors still occur despite the correct driver and the proper installation, then the cause could be a completely different problem. Onboard sound card, thus permanently installed on the motherboard audio controller are taken into account in the BIOS. In the area of ​​hardware there may be a way of setting &# 8220; onboard sound&# 8221; or a similar term. This sets whether the built-in sound card is to be used at all. In this case they would have to &# 8220; enabled&# 8221; stand. They can also disable namely to take advantage of a better external card. Should they, however, be disabled, then the surest identification and the latest driver does not help.

So you should restart for safety's sake the computer and go with the right key into the BIOS. Then look there, for example, &# 8220; Integrated Peripherals&# 8221; or &# 8220; Advanced Chipset Features&# 8221 ;, until you find an entry that deals with the audio controller and activate it there. Save settings and restart. After that, the sound card should be correctly identified and allocated to the driver.

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