use cable headphones via radio: Bluetooth adapter

Who has finally found a suitable pair of headphones that are so reluctant to restore. But what if the beloved headphones have only one phone cable, they also would like to use Bluetooth? In this guide, we show you how you turned your corded in-ear, on-ear or over-ear earphones using a Bluetooth adapter for wireless headphones.

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The rumors have come true: The iPhone 7 comes without regular 3.5 mm jack, therefore, but also in the Android camp there with the Moto Z a first device without the time-honored jack &# 8211; and more could follow.

Who would not want to exchange for new wireless headphones his beloved cable headphones, has two options: create more cable clutter by a USB-C or Lightning adapter or persuade force with a Bluetooth adapter to your wireless Fortunately, the wired headset.

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Appearance: Bluetooth adapter for headphones

Bluetooth adapter receiver headphonesWith the small battery-powered Bluetooth adapters, each headphone cable can get them to play music or conversations via Bluetooth even at a distance. The Bluetooth adapter is working here as a receiver, the transmitted Bluetooth signal picks up and passes it through the jack on your headphones on. So you can continue to operate normally and connect the same headset to your PC, the system or other audio equipment via jack or connect using the adapter via Bluetooth.

Some Bluetooth adapters also offer it also buttons for controlling music on the adapter. So you can go backward and forward, make up or down and pause the music without spending any time to fish the phone out of your pocket.

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Needs for supplies and a little more? Bluetooth transmitter & receiver

Bluetooth adapter transmitter receiverWho can do without the zustätzlichen keys for music control, but wants to send the Bluetooth signal in both directions, needs a two-in-one device: Bluetooth transmitter and receiver.

With a switchable transmitter and receiver you can provide them with music so not only your headphones or system via Bluetooth, but also use your Bluetooth headset with a device that has previously not support Bluetooth. So you can use a Bluetooth headset, for example, your TV or even the old disc or Walkman.

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