YouTube lock handle in Firefox, Chrome and Opera

Even if times GEMA lock on YouTube are probably over, you can still do not see all the videos and streams there. We tell you how you can handle any YouTube lock, whether countries lock, IP lock or age barrier.

You must avoid a YouTube lock if you want to see a live stream on YouTube Gaming. Also, some videos of the platform are not approved for each country so that we are again left out from Germany or Austria. And finally there's the movies for an age limit exists and that you can only see it when you sign up. Each of these YouTube locks can be bypassed. Read here how to do it.

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YouTube Block deal - how does that work?

YouTube actually knows only two types of locksOn the one hand the Maturity lock, which can be avoided by application or a trick. On the other hand, certain countries locked out, while others can see the videos easily. The so-called GEMA lock has not generally blocked a video for everyone, but just for Visitors from Germany. From other countries to the movies was looking at problems.

youtube lock laenderYouTube uses the lock

So if you want a YouTube handle lock, you have to the vorgaukeln video platform, from a other country get. And there are different options. The easiest way is a plugin. Such browser extensions are available for almost any browser. You become one in the program and will not be active until her YouTube calls. Once you must not watch a video, you can these YouTube countries lock circumvented by the video is passed through a proxy server abroad. For you, there is a slight delay and then you can the locked YouTube video's see. In this way, this also works with GEMA lock: As long as you come to YouTube apparently from another country, you are shown these videos easily. In another article, we tell you how you can get around the YouTube age gate without registration.

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YouTube countries lock handle in Firefox, Chrome, Opera

When a browser plug-in capable, so it can be equipped with extensions with new features, then there is certainly a plugin to bypass a YouTube ban. This problem because there are international and correspondingly large demand is.

is somewhat problematic in that between YouTube and the developers of the plug takes place a kind of races. As a result, it does not permanently establish such extensions to trick those YouTube locks. Over time, the video giant noted that because someone uses a trick and sets the corresponding proxy server blacklisted. Then you have to wait some time before the plug-in vendors have solved the problem.

YouTube block deal in Firefox

For Firefox, there are several plugins that you can handle a YouTube lock. It is recommended to go to the plugin page and there to look at current ratings. Then you learn the most in advance whether the plugin currently works. Currently you will find only a functioning free plugin for Firefox.

youtube lock-deal-pluginBypassing the lock lasts only seconds

The YouTube Unblocker Plus works pretty well and is also fast. Once you are on a YouTube page whose content is blocked for you, the plugin will automatically operate. You see just a hint, then you can see the video normal.

Lock solve in Google Chrome

For Google Chrome there are plenty of good plugins. When searching for a YouTube Unblocker or YouTube proxy you paid services are, however, listed in the first place. But there is also a really good free extension called ProxFlow that does exactly what it should.

youtube-proxy-proxflowProxFlow for Chrome bypasses the countries lock on YouTube

It also automatically detects when a YouTube video has been blocked and then loads the appropriate video via a proxy server. It's just to see the top to be seen, unspectacular message and then loads the video but.

circumvent YouTube blockage in Opera with the built VPN

For some time Opera brings its own VPN, called Opera VPN. A VPN is also a kind of passing through a proxy server. Usually he is used to surf anonymously or to ensure secure communication. The Opera VPN is built into the browser and only needs to be enabled in order then as to bypass countries locks in YouTube or Netflix.

opera-vpn-activateThe Opera VPN can see you every YouTube video

So you activate the VPN Opera and see each YouTube video:

  1. Click above on the menu and changes to the settings. Alternatively, this also with the Alt + P.
  2. In the settings, left-click on the menu item data protection & safety.
  3. Scroll down to the entry and sets a VPN Enable hook for VPN.
  4. Now you can see on the left The beginning of the address bar the small blue button VPN.
  5. Now click on this button. This will open a small window opens.
  6. below is the virtual Branch to see. For most YouTube videos you should at United States switch.

However, this VPN Proxy collects data about your surfing habits. That's the price you have to pay for a good, fast and otherwise free proxy. If you do not invade a permanent proxy filtering required, you can disable the back in the settings.

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