HKCU – where can I find him and what is he?

The HKCU folder (HKEY_ CURRENT_USER) is part of the Windows Registry. It contains the information on all important settings for the currently logged-on Windows account. You want to learn more details and see the settings or change? Here you learn what you need to know.

HKCU - where can I find him and what is he?43898Windows 10 - Hello

HKCU - what information are included?

In the folder, the setting information on screen colors, network connections, printers, programs, folders, saved to the desktop and system control of the currently logged in Windows user. So the information included in the user's profile.

HKEY_ CURRENT_USER contains no data. There are there only links to the contents of HKEY_USERS \ security ID (SID) of the current user subkey. Therefore, the content of the subkey appears under HKCU and can be displayed in both folders and changed. After each one Windows user login to HKEY_CURRENT_USER changed. The data for this comes from the profile of the currently logged in user.

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How do I get to the folder?

To the registry and thus HKEY_CURRENT_USER you come in the following way:

  1. Click the bottom left of the Windows icon.
  2. Give "cmd" into the text box and type the Enter key.
  3. Click with the right mouse button on "cmd" and select "Run as administrator".
  4. Give a name and password if you will prompted.
  5. Now give the command line "regedit".
  6. Now you see the Registry Editor and the necessary folder. There you can modify as desired the settings of your Windows user account.


The figures refer to Windows 7. The steps mentioned differ in other versions of Windows.


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