Minecraft Costs: The Price is Right

The imagination in Minecraft games are no limits - if everything can be represented with the popular building blocks and the iconic pixel graphics. It is one of the best-selling games and the film is hotly debated. But still one of the most frequently asked questions: Can you play Minecraft for free? How much is Minecraft? What are the Minecraft cost per month?

Minecraft Costs: The Price is Right

Minecraft costs: So far you have to reach into his pocket

play Minecraft for free is not a problem in demo mode. For this you can watch the demo of Minecraft download free and thus install Minecraft. The playing time in the huge world is limited to 90 minutes.

not enough to you that you want and in the vast world siphon off resources and build magnificent forts and keep them in the long term, the Minecraft costs are unique to the game award from the release.

  • PlayStation 4 cost around 27 euros

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Trailer Console Edition

8695Minecraft Console Edition Update Trailer

But not only for Sony's PlayStation you can buy the full version. Minecraft games run on a variety of platforms: Windows XP up to Windows 10, OS X, Android, Xbox One, PS 4 and many more. The Xbox One version is currently more favorable than those for the PS4 (February 2016):

  • Xbox One costs about 24 euros

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Although the full version of Minecraft to play for free is not possible and the alpha and beta versions have had their day, but there is an inexpensive alternative to the major release version.

  • On mobile devices, or Windows 10, the app Minecraft Pocket Edition offers. It is a convenient option if you want to buy Minecraft and currently costs about 7 euros. The size of the world is indeed limited, but you can go playing Minecraft.

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Cost Minecraft updates something?

No, so far updates are free. Since you have the full version, the game runs without further update and you can after buying the Releases Minecraft play for free. Nevertheless, one can not tell if money is required for specific new features in future updates.

Minecraft on the Wii U Part 1Also on the Wii U can gamble your Minecraft.

How much does Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms is in contrast to the free Minecraft server a paid online server offer from Mojang. This simplifies multiplayer games, because a separate server must be set. The configuration of the server assumes Minecraft Realms and provides server available
Servers are available independently of the players and their computers, beat monthly but with about 10 euros.

The Minecraft Story ModeExperienced with Jesse in a gang Adventures in Minecraft Story Mode.

rent Minecraft server

Regarding the Minecraft costs should consider the server. If you want to gamble Minecraft for the PC of two or three, a Minecraft server is free. If it is to be open to the public and their foreign players is welcome, you can rent you a Minecraft server. The cost in this case, depending on the computing power and number of players on average between 30 euros and 60 euros. In Nitrado a public server for 24 people costs per month currently 18.50 euros, with 100 slots already 69 euros is due.

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