Star Wars 1313: Is the promising game about but not yet dead ?!

It was the great hope of Star Wars fans Star Wars 1313. After LucasArts Disney was closed, the hopes were unfortunately broken. Now, it seems that the project is yet not died.

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2012 George Lucas has sold all his rights to his film Empire of Star Wars and Indiana Jones to the Walt Disney Company. This year we see as a result of the start of a new trilogy, The Awakening of power takes its beginning as early as next week with Star Wars Episode seventh Three weeks ago, EA and DICE have also sent with Star Wars Battlefront, a new video game in the race. By 2012, the games yet LucasArts and the films of Lucasfilm were managed. While the latter still applies, LucasArts only exists on paper as the licensor (including up to EA). With the closure of the studio, the former projects were lost, but is all hope gone?

No! We should not give up the belief that projects such as the highly interesting underworld adventure Star Wars 1313 not lie forever on ice! In a recent interview namely gave Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy to understand that the last word has not been said here. Not only Star Wars in 1313, but also announced a few years ago Star Wars live action series Star Wars Underworld could still be a reality in spite of everything!

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Number 5 - I mean Star Wars 1313 - alive!

Accordingly, the group spends still a lot of time trying to look for ways to still implement both remaining projects from the pre-Disney times into action. It is said that George Lucas had hoped to extend the series with the working title Star Wars Underworld over 400 episodes, with the first 100 should already be written. Scene should be like in Star Wars in 1313, the underworld of Coruscant during the period between Episode 3 and 4. FIG. The video game Star Wars 1313 was already in development when the work was stopped. Various concept art presented us a really crass-looking and gloomy adventure on level 1313. What was so out of all these existing systems? Lost everything?

"No," said Kennedy. "Interestingly, Star Wars Underworld is an area where we still spend a lot of time while we read through the material. This material, which George Lucas has designed, is something that we would just like to explore in more detail. And then there was the game Star Wars 1313. The concept art were incredible. And our attitude is that we want none of it just throw away. It's gold! And it is also something that we spend a lot of time discussing and perhaps actually produce it later. We want it definitely.

This game also offers the Star Wars license and Boba Fett*

That hit home! The hearts of all Star Wars fans could now beat world (like mine too), but pure projects are unfortunately no promises. In addition, it could also be that the scripts for the series and the materials to be Star Wars 1313 instead transferred to other projects. Disney has already announced plans to produce a Netflix series, while Star Wars in 1313 and the new spin-off film about Boba could be fat. And future Star Wars games (such as that which is currently being built at Visceral Games), could only pick up on content and ideas. But we should Star Wars 1313 not write off entirely, because this interview is like Episode 4, a new hope.

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That should be Star Wars 1313

Star Wars was announced in 1313 for the first time officially as part of the E3 2012th We should be able to make as a bounty hunter in quick battles with stark weapons the underworld of the city planet Coruscant uncertain. Rumors say it should go to the early years of the resulting clone Boba Fett. After the Disney acquisition, the big bad mouse stopped the game production for reasons of risk mitigation and 2013 have the rights to Star Wars expire 1313th

Now what is from Star Wars in 1313, the future will tell, but we must remain optimistic.

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