use iCloud with Windows: Find it!

Who stores its data in iCloud, you can also access from Windows PCs to it. We show you how this works.

While iCloud is an Apple product, but that does not mean that you can not synchronize from a Windows computer with the iCloud and access the cloud its data. About iCloud photos, videos, messages, calendar information and other important data can be stored in the cloud in order to access it on the go. Access to iCloud is also possible via Windows.

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Set up iCloud for Windows &# 8211; Step by step

Access to iCloud on Windows is made possible by an additional client. The download can be done for free on the web site of Apple.


Activates the function want to use her on the Windows machine.Activates the function want to use her on the Windows machine.

So you can the data with a Windows computer to synchronize:

  1. Invite you download the iCloud for Windows.
  2. Opens the program and give your Apple ID.
  3. Places a check mark in all cloud applications to which you want access to the computer.
  4. Confirmed by clicking Apply.
  5. Do you choose from iCloud Drive and pictures, folders are created on your hard drive automatically, the new content is synchronized with iCloud.

After the device are photos, videos, messages, files, and more available on the Windows device.

ICloud may also be linked to Outlook on Windows. To synchronize Outlook 2016 requires her iCloud for Windows 5.1.

use iCloud Web Access

Even without installing the access to the iCloud on Windows is possible. Used this simply the Web client iCloud in the browser. This approach is suitable for. For example, if you want to access a shared computer on his photos, documents and more. Announces you there with your Apple ID and your password.

iCloud alternatives for Windows

Who wants to completely dispense with Apple products, are spoiled for choice as to which cloud storage, it can be.Who wants to completely dispense with Apple products, are spoiled for choice as to which cloud storage, it can be.

If you want to use any Apple applications in the future, for example, because you your entire hardware and software have changed, you can draw on plenty of alternatives to iCloud. Top dogs are Dropbox and Google. We recommend Dropbox, if you want to save text as well as photos and videos. Google is the better choice if the focus is on the text archiving and joint processing via Google Drive. But also photos and videos can be easily backed up in Google Drive. More alternatives found in our article &# 8220; Best Dropbox Alternatives&# 8221 ;.

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